What You Need ~ Part 3 {Bambam FF}

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"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time"

Summary: It's all fun and games until someone's feeling get's involved. Bambam known as the coolest kid in school made a bet to make the most unattractive girl into the it girl, the new popular girl. Will it happen? Will he succeed? Will she find out? Will feelings be developed between them too?

Swearing Involved


I backed up a bit and took a deep breath. As soon as I heard the beat begin I began to dance to whatever beat was thrown at me. Like the music was telling me what to do. A crowd started forming over me and I smiled enjoying the feeling of the music. I glanced Y/N who smiled and an idea appeared in my head. I walked over to her and pulled her hand and pulled her to the middle with me.

"What are you doing?"

"Just dance, you have nothing to lose."

She sighs and began to dance to the beat of the music. To be honest I thought she was going to be awful but she was quite good. I mean I wouldn't expect her to know how to dance. But then again she does spend a lot of time with Yugyeom. The next thing I know she trips over her foot and falls forward falling onto my chest and we both looked at each other and began to laugh. Was it to weird to say that I was actually having a good time?

"Well well well, look who we have here," was all I heard. I turned around seeing Jackson, Jinyoung , Christina and Soylu staring at Y/N and me.


Oh no.


Your Point of View

You can't believe Bambam really made you dance with him in front of a crowd. You weren't used to this type of attention, but there is a first in everything right? Of course you've dance with Yugyeom before, but he was never able to make you dance in a crowd. Why were you all of sudden doing this was Bambam? Dancing with Bambam was quite fun till the next thing you know you tripped over your own foot and fell forward falling on Bambam's chest. You looked up and couldn't help but to laugh at how clumsy you were. Bambam looked down and also laughed. You were expecting him to maybe yell at you but nope he was actually laughing. Just as you both were finally enjoying each other company you hear someone speak up...

"Well, well, well... Look who we have here."

You looked up and seen Bambam's friends standing right in front of the two of you. This should be interesting.. You already had a feeling they were going to tease Bambam for even speaking to you.

"Hey.... what are you guys doing here?" Bambam asks looking so embarrassed and pulling away from you.

Of course he would be embarrassed, after all he was in public with you..

"We came down to get some yogurt, but we didn't expect to see you here... with Y/N?" Christina says confused but smirking and just from that smirk you felt her getting under your skin.

"Um yeah." Was the only words Bambam could say and began to scratch the back of his neck.

Should you walk away now? Or should you just excuse yourself and then walk away? Either way your only option was to walk away. You already felt an unwelcome vibe from his friends so it was best to walk off.

"Um, I'm going to go get some yogurt," you said looking at Bambam and then you looked back at his friends and they were all looking at you giggling as if you were a joke.

You rolled your eyes and just walked away.


Bambam's Point of View

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