Being Clark Kent

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I know what it must feel like.. To dress up every day in pride and risk your life for people who would rather see you die...

I know that men in black and the boys in blue are only medals of honor to the men in those suits.. I know at home.. No one even knows your name. I know the pain you must feel. But officer reason with me if you will...

Growling up black ain't what it used to be back in the 90s. I come from a middle class family, I graduated from college.. I pray to God my nephew grows up just like me..

But every day.. He stares fear into my face.. Because when I look at him I think.. There's another black man at stake. And I know you can't relate. When you have to ask your God if giving birth to color black was a mistake .. Why give youth to a color that's only appropriate at funerals. Because at this color they'll take your life at 12 like you're 18.. Still refer to you as boy at 23.. Aint that unusual. My eldest ansestor died a 97 year old boy.. He was a boy his whole life I guess that's why they didn't mind taking a knife to 16 year old in Mississippi that Friday night. So I guess that's why the police force can justify the death of trayvon. But Mr. Martin... I promise to tell my son about you. I'll remind him that in this country it doesn't matter if he's 15 or 52 he'll always be a BOY. And we Halloween comes I'll shove pride in his spirit and I'll let him be who ever he dreams.. Selfishly I'll do this for all the things mama told me I couldn't be....

I could've been superman.. Dunn dun dun dun..

An all American hero.. But to my surprise and my ansetors demise I became an all American negro.. Oh.

So at 12, I settled for being bat man! Because they only see me as BLACK MAN. I'm just stating facts man and the truth hurts... I guess the noose worked

Despite the hurt .. This country has infringed upon my people I'm not pro fuck the police... I just don't want Fox News to be responsible for my press release whenever you're through with me.

Even without all the melanin can't you see you look just like me... Everyone just wants to be SUPER! Man..

But being Clark Kent for me.. Will never be as easy.. When the world sees more hulk then hero. I wanna wear a badge and be super like you.. But I'm afraid you'd use my cape as a nuse... Mr. Officer I think you have me confused. Us brown skins are more like you.. Wait.. Stop... Please don't shoot.. I don't have an attitude. .. I'm just on my way from school.. Officer.. I swear I didn't steal those shoes

I'm a tax payer just like you. I've done more than paid my dues..


And just like that my life was over... Easy.

Didn't matter if I had a license to carry or if the toy gun was empty... Didn't care if you had already had my hands suspended or if my child was in the backseat

You made me memory.

One time to tell to many to carry this concealed melanin with me...

But how can you expect me to follow the rules when the system was only made for people like you. Justice or JUST US. The police force seems to be a whites only club.

And I'll never be "bright" enough to fit in.

No matter how many degrees I get...

Most officers would rather kill me than allow to finish my sentence ..

When the death penalty becomes you're favorite sentence...! And your bullet ends my life.. Will you find someone new to intimidate or will black still be your kryoptnite?

Officer I know you don't think we look much
alike but if I can't count on you to protect and serve than what is the quality of my life

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