Mistakes and Memories Pt. 2

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Alison's POV

"She was in her bathroom crying." Shawn said. I sigh because it felt like I was her, Y/N. I really don't know why, it just feels like I was the one crying.

"Oh that's sad." I managed to say.
"Yeah, anyways... I opened the door and just dove in and wrapped my arms around her." "She told me that she liked me for a while but if we dated it would ruin our relationship. I didn't think so, but after a few months Y/N  just disappeared. She never told me where she went or that she was even going. She just left." Shawn said looking down.

~flash back~
Alison's POV

"Alright mom, I'm on my way." I say to my mom through the phone. I walk into my car and start the engine. I start driving on the highway and my phone rings again.

"Hello?" I ask not being able to see who's name is on the screen. "Hey it's..." two seconds later my car flipped down a hill.

~later in the flash back~

I open my eyes to see a doctor standing next to a lady by the doorway. "Oh sweetheart, how do you feel?" The woman asks. "Um I'm fine, thanks." I say confused as to who she is. I attempt to get up but the woman gently pushes me back down and says "you shouldn't get up quite yet honey."

"I'm sorry to ask but who are you?" The lady stands there shaken. The doctor pulls her out and talks to her. "Ma'am, it seems like your daughter has suffered memory loss through her accident." I could hear the lady crying.
Mom? Memory loss? Accident? When?
I'm not even sure.

Days passed in the hospital and my memory is still faded, but is working its way up to remembering everything I had. I leave the hospital to go home and as I enter the car, my mom says, "Alison, I've been thinking. What if we have a fresh start in life, and we could start that off with a move?" Is that my name? Alison?

I sit there to think. "Honesty I could use a fresh start." I smile to her. "Really? This is amazing!" She says happily. I giggle and we drive off.

~end of flash back~
To be continued...


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