Loving A Criminal

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Miranda (Mel) Barone had always been a sucker for bad boys. It was until she met a Slade Kolosov who had rescued her, that she found a new definition of the term 'bad boy'. Recently moving into Chicago, Mel's world is turned upside down by the Russian Mobster.

Ruling the Russian Mob in Chicago, everything is right in the world for Slade Kolosov. That is until a certain strawberry blonde took over his mind and thoughts. After rescuing her from a robbery, Slade is intrigued and drawn to her.

Throw in rival gangs who are willing to do anything to take over the Underground word in Chicago, Mel's older brother who is the leader of the Italian Mafia, things would certainly get interesting.

Could he convince her that loving a criminal isn't wrong and messed up as it seems?

I bit lightly on my lower lip and approached slowly, "What are you doing?"

"You didn't say if you preferred Miranda, Mel or Pepper."

My jaw worked for a few moments before I finally replied, "Mel. I prefer Mel. How do you know that's my name or my car?"

Slade remained silent before he responded, "I was waiting for you, Mel." My nickname rolled off his tongue sensually and I shivered involuntarily. I frowned at my reaction before pushing my hair back behind ear, "Seriously Slade. What do you want from me? Why can't you leave me be?"

Slade got off my car and strode towards me before smirking down at me, "You got my attention sweetheart. I'm never going away."

Author: cheryl-is-not-here

Status: Completed

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