Chapter 9

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Ashton's POV.

"That was amazing." Was Cherry's first word as she finished her dinner.

"Thought you would of liked it." I said wiping my mouth with my napkin.

"So, what now?" 

I shrugged,"Whatever you want to do." I said to her as our waiter took up our plates.

"A walk in the garden?" She asked raising a brow.

Nodding I paid the bill took her hand and led her to the garden.

"Thank you Ashton." She said after a minute of silence.


"This date. I really enjoyed it." She said smiling up at me.

"Me too." I said looking into her hazel eyes. "So that means another date?" I asked grinning.

"Maybe." She teased, "I do have guys lining up." She said shrugging.

I didn't think twice before grabbing her arm and pulling her to me.

"You better as fucking not Cherry." I warned her. "You are mine and mine alone."

She just kept looking up at me with her lips parted,"You can't just claim me Ashton." 

"I can and I did. Try fucking with me Cherry you'll see." I said letting her arm go.

"Asshole." She mumbled.

Just when I was about to reply her phone rang. Taking it out she answered.


"Oh Hi Danny." She said sounding a little shocked.

"Um...I'm kind of busy right now." She said looking up me, just as she turned to walk away I took her phone from her and put it on loud speaker before giving it back to her.

"Hazel? are you there?" He asked.

'Talk' I mouthed to her.


I gave her a warning look cutting her off.

"Y-Yeah I'm here Danny."

"Good, I just called to see how you were going."

At 9:20 in the fucking night? Bullshit!

"That's really sweet of you, thank you." She replied.

I pulled her flush against me making her let out a small yelp.

"Anything else?" She breathlessly asked as I placed kisses down her neck, I bit her skin making her groan slightly.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go on another date?"

Hell fucking no!

I gripped tightly onto her waist,"You better say fucking no Cherry." I said lowly into her ear feeling her shiver slightly.

"D-Date?" She asked.

He let out a stupid laugh,"Yeah a date."

" you see-Ah!" She moaned as I bit harshly onto her ear.

"I swear to god I will punish your ass Cherry." I promised.

"I can't." She immediately said.

"Why not? I thought you enjoyed our last date." He asked confused, annoying me more.

"I-I's just...." She stuttered.

"Just....?" He asked waiting. 

"Um." Rolling my eyes I took the phone putting it off speaker. "Look boy I have had enough of your thirsty nonsense. Let this stick in your fucking head. Hazel is mine, you had your little time in the spotlight now that's over. I don't ever want to see you calling her ever again. Now excuse me while I go fuck the girl you want." I said hanging up the hone ignoring Cherry's shocked and baffled expression.

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