Gema's Birthday

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Hyuna was panicking. Tomorrow was Gema's birthday and she still didn't have a gift! What kind of girlfriend would she be if she didn't have something for her girlfriend on her birthday?

"Oh," Hyuna moaned hopelessly, burying her face in her arms, "Gema's gonna break up with me!"

"Why'd you say that?" Erin asked, his vibrant green tail shimmering in the sunlight.

"Because I don't have a gift for her birthday!"

"Dude, she's totally gonna break up with you," Erin said before he threw his head back, his body shaking with laughter.

Hyuna glared at her friend. "You're suppose to be helping me! Not laughing at me."

Erin's laughter died off once he saw the crestfallen face of his friend.

"Do you really not have anything?"

"No," Hyuna huffed.

Erin sighed. "Come on, Lee. We'll go to the Olympic Market!"

"The Olympic Market?"

Hyena's never heard of it before.

"Yeah, it's a new market place. Apollo took me there the other week. I'm sure we'll find something there."

Hyuna smiled wide even as her wrist hurt from
the way Erin was manhandling her. She could always count on him!

The market was buzzing with Merfolk

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The market was buzzing with Merfolk. Stalls filled the colorful wraps and jewelry but nothing caught Hyuna's eyes. She couldn't imagine giving any of it to Gema. Hyuna felt a pit sinking into her stomach.

"Lee, come look at this!" Erin shouted excitedly.

Hyuna flew over to him, hoping to finally find the perfect gift. Instead what she found was Erin holding a small, spinning object.

"What is this?"

"It's a Shell Spinner! All the cool kids have them."

Hyuna pinched the bridge of her nose, frustration coloring her voice as she said, "You're kidding me right?"

The grin slipped from Erin's face. "Do you not like it?"

"Like it?!" Hyuna snapped. "What would Gema do with a Shell Spinner?"

" know," Erin shrugged half-heartily. "Whenever she gets bored, she could spin it."

Hyuna sighed. She knew Erin was just trying to help, but this was just ridiculous. As she watched the pink shells spin, something clicked inside Hyuna's brain. Her own hand flew to her pearl necklace as she imagined a special one for Gema. One with an orange shell and pearls. It would be perfect!

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