Return to school

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Naruto's POV

To day Sasuke and I are heading back to school together even though I didn't want to go but he said that if I stayed at home any longer than I have to start over the whole school day from so many absences, and Kyuubi agreed with him.

So I ate breakfast hid my nine tails and ears as it we than headed out ready for the day of school with Sasukie and Menma.

It was a long and silent trip there since I'm sure they didn't want me to be scared or anything as we made it to the big building as Sasuke softly held my hand and whispered encouraging words in my ear causing me to smile, as he lets go of my hand though I was ok with that cause were gonna confess our love once we graduate from school yay.

We walked inside the school building as everyone was looking at me making me feel very uncomfortable.

My twin walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and smiles at me while I smiled back than me and Menma went to our locker separating ourselves from Sasuke and Sasukie which kinda made, me feel unsafe "don't worry Naruto everything will be ok" Menma says as I nodded trusting him as we put our bags away took what we needed for class.

"hey Menma what do you think is gonna happen today" I asked my twin who only shrugged but soon Sasuke and Sasukie walked in the classroom "where were you two" Menma asked as he got up in his, chair "me and Sasuke got surrounded as we were asked a heck tone of question about Sasuke's disappearance" Sasukie says sighing.

"what did they ask" I asked standing up from my chair "why I disappeared all of a sudden and what happened to make me react like that" Sasuke answers my question as I nodded.

Sasuke soon sat down beside me "don't worry Naruto we are going to do a way better job on protecting you this time" Sasuke says as he pets my head causing me to purr softly.

Sasuke's POV

'Naru's purrs are so cute' I thought as I tried to hide my smile "Sasuke-kun" someone yelled as I looked up to see sakura running threw the classroom front door than tackled me in a hug "what the heck sakura" I growled at her as she wouldn't get off of me, "I missed you so much I tried to call you but it kept saying that it didn't exist any more" she says while I rolled my eyes at her and got her off of me.

"I thought you had Kyuubi" I said rolling my eyes "b-but he doesn't love me like he says he does he's a stuck up jerk" she says starting to cry.

I looked at Naruto who sighed "were you two really dating" I asked as she nodded "yes he asked me out on a date one day and never showed up and he started bulling me to" she says crying even more.

My brother was about to comfort her but seeing my glare stopped him "what would make you feel better" I asked testing a theory of mine "go out with me" she answered as she was not crying anymore she looked perfectly fine.

Naruto started growling as he glared at Sakura who was looking at me like she did nothing wrong "no" I said getting up and sat at my desk while my twin sat in his.

"but why Sasuke" sakura whined as she sat on my desk and leaned in getting really close to my face "I though you secretly loved me" she says while posing "I'm straight up beautiful" she says complementing herself, as I was about to say something but was cut off by Naruto.

"beautiful where all I see is an ugly troll" Naruto growled as Sakura gasps as she looked at Naruto "escume me do you want to repeat yourself" she yells.

"yes I said your nothing but an ugly fat troll" Naruto yelled back and I could tell he was jealous that she was flirting with me but I got up when she was about to hit him "Sakura don't you freaking dare" I growled "but Sasuke" she, says "no Sakura he just got back his brother will probably kill anyone who dares hurt his brother" I said letting go of her arm "go sit down and stop causing trouble" I said as she looked down and ran out the classroom.

"Sasuke I think you went to far" Sasukie says looking at me "probably but she had to see it coming" I replied as the bell ranged.

As students started walking into the class room but Sai stopped at my desk "what happened to sakura" he asked  "i don't know she just ran away" I replied growling "what ever" he says than looked at Naruto who whimpered under his gaze and I hate seeing Naruto this way.

that's why I'm glade Sai left cause that means he'd wont be near my Naru and I'm glad for that he wasn't gonna be anywhere until probably lunch and 6th period.

We had to wait for our teacher to finally show up after the long way he walked in and was surprised to see me and Naruto back "welcome back boys everything good now" he asks as me and Naruto nodded our heads.

Kakashi nodded as he started class while I looked over at Naruto who was fidgeting with his hands than looked up at me but than looked back down at his desk top.


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