Chapter 11- Professor's request

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Lisa's POV

I left them at the cafeteria and I'm now walking towards Prof's office.

I checked the time if I'm late or what. Wait, Prof didn't gave me any time to come her to his office.

I shrugged then finally got close to Prof's office.

Okay........... 10 more steps and I'll--

Yep, I made it. I knocked on the door as he said 'Come in'

"What do you need Prof?" I asked politely and bowed. He was thinking of something with a hopeful face. He finally came back to reality and looked at me.

"Um....... Ms. Kim. I'm having a vacation next week. Can you Take over time? I mean can you teach your classmates?" He politely requested.

"Um........ Can I think about it sir? I promise I'll answer your request later" I asked.

"Sure" He said then sigh. Why don't I try? It's easy right? I sigh then here it goes.....

"Prof, I'll accept your request" I said as he smiled widely. He suddenly took my hand and started shaking it.

"Thank you Thank you Ms. Kim" He said then bowed his head.

"But may I know that why should it be me?" I asked he pulled his hand away then put his elbowed on the desk.

"Actually, I asked every teacher here but all they'd say is 'I can't' Until I finally found this miracle" He said.

"Is that all prof?" I asked. He shook his head as I continued listening to him.

"Can you arrange this?" He asked then hand me a folder. I nodded then took it from his hands.

I bid goodbye then head to our classroom. I immediately sat on my chair then tied my hair to a bun.


I was done as my classmates started coming in. I stood up then placed the folder on the desk

Then waited for prof. As he came in, we stood up then greeted him.

"Thank you Ms. Kim" Prof said as he eyed the folder that I arranged

I bowed as he motioned us to sit down, and we did.

He was lecturing us about complicated things. But I was lucky that I was able to catch his lessons. He was really fast at lecturing.

I copied some notes. Hm........ I should study later. I was done copying notes so I placed the notebook inside my bag again.

Damn, this school makes us look like elementary students. You know, the uniform, the notebook things but the thing is...... The things he lectured were hard.


"Why did I even agreed on studying?!" Yoongi said then fake cried. He fake cried on Jennie's shoulder.

Jennie mumbled something that Yoongi could possibly hear.

Then we suddenly saw Yoongi eyes, unbelieved. He was now very happy. What did even Jennie mumbled that could possibly make him like this?

"Lisa, about what you said earlier....... Is it true? That you'll make Momo and I be together?" J-hope shyly asked while playing with his fingers.

"Yeah, I can call her now" I said.

I called Momo. We're friends because we're partners at that dancing event.

"Yeah Liz?" I heard her sweet voice through the phone.

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