Chapter 🔟- Clingy Lisa

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This chapter is quite unexpected and confusing.

I'm Very bad at explaining things. I hope you could understand my english.


Lisa's POV

I don't know why but I'm being clingy towards Kookie. I always annoy the crap out of him but I don't care.

I'm here at our school's cafeteria eating together with my squad.

I'm getting a hang of this school and it feels like home to me. I was right the first place that this school gives me a comfy vibe.

"Lisa, Are you alright?" Jennie asked me as I nodded.

"Um....... Just thinking of..... Things" I said. I hugged Jungkook's arm. Jungkook is on my left side and Taehyung is on my right.

As always Kookie would always try to get my arms away from his but I would hug his arm tighter so in the end he'll just give up.

I look at Kookie who was winking at Eunha......... I felt hurt...

Without knowing my arms are not on Jungkook's arm anymore, when did I pulled away?

I just sigh heavily and continued eating Vanilla cake. It has a very good taste which made my mood lifted up.

I took sip of my Choco shake the continued eating my food. I took a slice of cake then placed it on my spoon.

"Kookie, Would you like to try this cake?" I asked him showing the spoon. He rolled his eyes.......

"Why would I?" He said then rolled his eyes on me again. It really hurts my heart when he does that, I usually won't get hurt if someone roll their eyes on me.......

"So how are your scores?" Namjoon asked as I smirked.

"I got 57" Jisoo said proudly. I just chuckled at her cuteness I guess Jinsoo are the visuals in our group. They are just drop dead gorgeous

"I got 57 too" Jennie said then Jensoo High fived. I made ships in this group actually. I found out that I was the maknae in this group.

"I got 63 " Rose said proudly too. Jimin chuckled. Jirose is shipping OMG!!!!! They really fit each other.

"I got 62" Jimin said. Actually I think Rose and Jimin. Okay, so how many time did this ship sailed?

"61" J-hope simply answered. He's our hope in this group. He's the sun that brights up our day. He's--

Okay okay that's enough.

"I got 47" Suga said and slept on Jennie's shoulder again. Yoonie is the first swag couple that I known. Even though they're not a real couple😂😂😂

"Says who slept during the test" Namjoon teased Suga as he just shrug.

"I got 68" Jin said then faked cry. Namjoon patted Jin's back then said,

"It's okay bro" Namjoon comforted Jin. Ugh! My Namjin feels😭😭😭!

"Ayiee! Namjin is sailing" I said then giggled.

"What Namjin? Hello, there's Jinsoo already" Jisoo said then crossed her arms.

"Sorry babe😘😘😘" Jin said. I giggled at their actions..... When can I get a partner like that?

"So how about yours Taehyung?" Jimin asked while hugging Rose. Vmin or Jirose? Im confuse.

"100" Taehyung said then smirked. I looked at him then smirked too

"How 'bout you lisa?" Oh my gawd! Our ship is sailing, #ChaeLisa😘

"100" I said then smirked.

"Oh Man! I should've studied with you properly I was just tired😢 I got 97😭😭😭" Namjoon said.

"Atleast we studied" I stated.

"You're over-acting Namjoon, You got 97 while I got 47" Suga said.

"Wait Wait Wait" Jisoo said then looked at us (Me, Taehyung, and Namjoon).

"You studied without us?!" Jisoo asked unbelievably.

"Says who invited us to a party" Namjoon said then rolled his eyeballs😂😂😂

"It was boring" Jennie whined as We all shrug.

"How about yours Kookie?" I asked looking at him. I noticed he was looking at Eunha while smirking......... My heart ached again.....

"Oh, I got 73" He said then shrugged. When will he notice me? I guess I'm just a nobody........

I don't have a chance with Kookie........... He'll never be mine.... But since...he's still not in a relationship...... We could just be friends...

I'll be happy for him no matter what! I'll sacrifice my love for him even it hurts......

Cheesy right? I giggled then look at Taehyung.

"Yah! Taetae!" I said as he looked at me with a cute and confusing look. I pinch his cheeks as he just let me.

"Let's study since there is an upcoming test" I said... Well almost a whisper then winked at him. He nodded then elbowed Namjoon who was beside me.

I saw Namjoon nodded so I guess our plans are good.

"Lisa can we visit your house for a while?" Rose asked but I shook my head.

"Don't you know there's another test from Mrs. Venova?" I said as they nodded their heads.

"Don't tell me you three are gonna study alone again?" Suga said as I smiled sheepishly. They found out.

"Don't call us the three, call us the three nerdies" Namjoon said as I lightly laugh.

"No we aren't we are the Three idiots" Taehyung said as I laughed so hard.

I looked at everyone who was looking at us with a blank face.

"I guess we made some corny jokes again" I said then laughed.

"At least our jokes are better than Jin hyung's" Namjoon said as I saw Jin giving puppy eyes to Jisoo.

"What? Me? Defend you? It's........... True though" Jisoo said.

"Babe!" Jin whined as Jisoo chuckled.

"Yes, your jokes are better than theirs and you are the most amazing joker" Jisoo said proudly as Jin smiled because he's satisfied.

"There they are being sweet again" J-hope said then sigh.

"Your just Jealous because your lonely J-horse" Jisoo said then showed her tongue, teasing him.

"I'm not lonely, I have you guys..........and..... I can't get close to Momo" J-hope said then sigh.

"My friend, I can help you with that" I said, stood up then put my hand on his shoulder.

"Really?! Omo!!!!" J-hope was very excited. I nodded then went to my seat.

I fixed my things then started leaving. I glance at them one last time but I stopped when I saw them looking at me confuse.

Oh.... Maybe they don't know.........

"I gotta help the professor with something so I gotta leave" I said

"Yah! Lalisa! You spend time with us less. When will you spend time with us fully?" Namjoon said as I sigh because I'm disappointed but.......

"I promise that there'll be one time that I'm not busy and by that time we'll hang out together" I said as they nodded.

Well it's true actually but....... I'm now a very busy person.

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