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Chapter 10 - Confronting Him.

The next day, I find myself walking into the school building alone. Justin has an early morning practice since his couch can't make it in the afternoon, and I have no best friend anymore. I still can't believe she would see my brother behind my back for three months! I thought she had a thing for Trey for Pete's sake!

Oh, and I woke up early this morning, which means I was rushing and look like complete shit right now.

I was up all night thinking about what poor, innocent, adorable, sweet, Jacob could have done to tip off a gang. A gang! He doesn't even look like he could be in a gang, it's more like he could be in chess club. Even with the new look I gave him, he still has this look to him that screams nerd.

No offense to him because he is a cute nerd. Probably the sexiest nerd ever. Even before I gave him that make over he was gorgeous.

Shaking my head, I walk into the school building. I shouldn't be thinking things like this. He can be cute all he wants but that still doesn't explain why his ass is lying to me. I thought we could trust each other. I guess I was wrong.

As I continue walking down the halls, I'm shocked to see almost all of them are empty. I didn't think I was this late. Usually Rayon wakes me up if I'm not up by the time he is, but then that thought is completely dismissed because I remember I'm not talking to him.

I walked to my first period class and opened the closed door. Almost instantly, every eye was on me. I inwardly rolled my eyes and took my seat.

"Ms. Boyd," My ancient teacher scolds, "you're late."

Sighing, I lean back into my chair. "Thank you, Captain Obvious. Would you like a cookie with that?"

At my words, the whole class gasps. Sure, I'm well-known, but I'm not known to have a bad attitude or mouth off to my elders. But today I just so happen to be in a bad mood and she picked the wrong time to mess with me.

My teacher looks shocked but quickly regains her composure and smiles. "I would love one! How about you give it to me at detention after school today!" She exclaims with fake excitement.

The whole class bursts into laughter while I slowly slouch in my seat. Coach is so going to be pissed when I miss workouts after school.

God, can this day get any worse?!

* * * *

To my earlier question, the day sure as hell can get worse because it already did. I was late for the rest of my classes and I forgot my lunch money, so Justin had to pay for my lunch, which is sweet because he isn't in my lunch period. 

Also at lunch, I had to sit by myself because I refused to sit at the table where Noriah and Rayon are lip locking and I refused to sit at a table with a bunch of gossiping girls who want to get close to me because of what I have.

Just yesterday, everything was a secret between Noriah and Rayon, but now it's all out in the open? Bullshit. I would see them in the halls, but never gave them more than a glance. 

I hadn't seen Jaob yet, but I can't say I wasn't looking for him, because I was. I want to say something so bad, but he has managed to avoid me all day. I know he's here because I've been hearing girls talking about what he's wearing and how 'hot' he looks. 

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