Next of Kin Part 30 - The Long Game

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"This is ridiculous. I can walk!" Maggie complained as she sat in the wheelchair, arms crossed and a full-on glower on her face.

"Sure you can, but you're not supposed to Mags," Winn said with a smile. He leaned to the side, whispering up at James, "Where's Alex. If she gets up, I'm not stopping her."

"If she gets up, I don't think you can stop her man," James replied. Speaking to Maggie, he added, "Just relax a minute, pretty lady. Alex will be back in a minute, and then we'll all head upstairs."

"Don't 'pretty lady' me Olsen. You're prettier than most ladies I know," Maggie snapped, staring up at him.

"Heh, heh. You're pretty James," Winn said, the smile falling off his face when James glared at him. Lips pursed, he scratched the back of his neck and looked away.

"Did you take you painkillers?" James asked Maggie.

"It's just Aleve," Maggie said, crossing her arms tighter and squirming. "I cracked my skull open. Well, technically Kara cracked my skull open for me. Still, you think I'd get some better painkillers. What I really need is a beer and a shot. Hey." She smiled up at the guys, looking from one to the other expectantly.

"No, Maggie, no," Winn said shaking his head back and forth quickly. "I'm pretty sure Alex would shoot us if we brought you alcohol. You're not supposed to drink in the hospital...I think. Right James?"

"Right. No alcohol in the hospital. Want me to push you into the hallway so we can look for Alex?"

"You touch me; I break your thumbs. Anyone pushes me, and I break their thumbs," Maggie threatened.

"You and Alex are kind of perfect for each other, you know?" James pointed out.

Maggie smiled sweetly and sincerely.

The door opened, and Alex strode in. "Okay, we're all set. Let's head up to Ms. Luthor's room."

"They won't get me a beer, babe," Maggie complained. "How long am I going to be stuck here? Can't I at least get a beer?"

"Not while you're in the hospital. We'll have an evaluation in the morning. Maybe we can get you out tomorrow," Alex replied as she moved behind the wheelchair.

"If you were stuck in the hospital, you'd want beer," Maggie reminded her girlfriend.

"If Alex ends up in the hospital it's probably alcohol poisoning," Winn whispered to James.

"What did you say?" Alex said looking up sharply at Winn.

"Nothing. I'm an idiot," he answered quickly.

Still staring at him she said, "You know I'm armed, right?"

He nodded. "I've met you. I assumed."

"Good assumption." She replied, putting her hands on the handles of the chair and saying to Maggie. "Ready to go for a ride?"

"You're not going to break Alex's thumbs?" Winn asked, shrinking back a little when Alex looked at him again.

"Nah, I need all of Alex's digits...recreationally," Maggie replied with a smirk.

While the boys tried and failed to get the image out of their mind, Alex cleared her throat. "Let's stay on task and get this over with. The sooner we do this, the sooner we can get a plan together against Lillian. As much as I hate to admit it, Lena Luthor probably has a better understanding of what goes on in her mother's disturbed mind than the rest of us do. She'll be a good resource." The words, 'if we can trust her' were left unsaid but hung heavy in the air.

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