Chapter 7 || EDITED

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" It's hard to reminisce my past without hurting and feeling the pain all over again "


Childish laughters echoed around a two-storey house. A little boy in the age of four (4) run around the house while laughing and giggling, and a six (6) year old girl was running after him. Smiling and grinning, while chasing the little boy.

"Jung Seo! Come back here! How many times do I have to tell you to stop shredding my assignments, You little troublemaker!" As she finally catches his brother and started tickling his sides. Laughters erupted from the boy as he tried to pry his sister's grip on him.

"Wah! Noona! S-stop! S-stop! Wah! Haha! N-noona!" As he laugh his heart out because of her tickling. She laughs softly and started kissing her brother's face and hug him a little tight.

"That's what you get, in messing my assignments! You know that, its hard to start all over again, right?"
Her eyes shined in warmth as she stared lovingly to her brother. Her brother ー Lee Jung Seo, age of 4 and they have an age gap of 2 years. That made her to be an active elder sibling to her baby brother. Jung Seo's appearance is similar to her; with the same brown locks and hazel brown orbs.

"Now, now. Nae Min, let your brother go ー you must already know that, he is still a kid." Lee Eun Ji ー is a loving and caring mother, with her ebony locks and hazel brown orbs and gentle smile makes her a beautiful woman.

"Your mother is right, sweetie. Now, little guy what did you do this time?" Her father ー Lee Tae Jin smile warmly at the sight of his family as he took Jung Seo away from Nae Min as he pampered Jung Seo's face with butterfly kisses. Her father is a handsome man with his brown locks and soft steel orbs that makes him sometimes to be a center of attention.

"I know, Appa ー that Jung Seo is just playing and he is still a kid. But starting my assignments from the start is exhausting!" She whined, despite of being a six year old, she cannot stop herself, but to act childish in front of her papents. Afterall, she's the sole daughter of their small family.

The married couple just smiled at her antics while Jung Seo giggled at her expression.

"We know, and Seo is still your baby brother. Just let it go, Min-ah" Her mother stated and smile at her. All Nae Min can do is sighed and laugh.

"Alright! But you better be careful, next time Jung Seo! Okay?" She give him a thumbs up and Jung Seo cheered and smiled as he give her a response of a cheerful 'Okay'


Everything seems to blur, when the moment Nae Min, her brother and her parents are on the way to their house. Jung Seo was singing a nursery ryhme while her parents are listening and smiling while holding each other hands. She can not help but smile to her baby brother ー she really adore him, and overprotective. She wouldn't want anything in this world, because her family is enough to make her happy at all times.

Then suddenly the picture of a perfect family fall down into pieces when their car meets a ten wheeler truck that lead them into a car accident. The last thing she could remember is the hug she gave to her baby brother, the terrified expression and screams echoed.

And then ー she found herself, standing infront of an altar, with the ashes of family displayed infront of her. Dressed in black and hollowed eyes along with dark eyebags. Her eyes were puffy and dried with tears, no sobs nor whimper was heard. People arround her give her those looks she hated ー Pity. At the age of six, Lee Nae Min is officially an orphan ー caused, her parents and baby brother died in a car accident on the 24th day of April at the time of 8:45 PM.


She suddenly gasped, eyes wide awake as tears streamed down her cheeks. She suddenly rise and remained still on her bed as, a choked sob and whimpers escaped her mouth. Until now, she cannot help but always remembered those memories of her family. She was left to fend for herself, to isolate, to be alone.

Sometimes, she wondered if God is cruel to her,to the point that everything she loved was already taken away from her. She hugged herself to find comfort as she continued to cry and weep silent tears.

Lee Nae Min, found herself to experienced these cruel events of her life ー to be alone and grow up without a complete family. Hiccups silently filled the room as she lied down and hug a pillow. She missed her loving mother, her gullible father and cheerful baby brother.

She didn't have a chance to live a happy life, with her family. Instead she lived a life without love. What a cruel fate she has, what did she do to deserve this kind of treatment?! Is this a kind of torture, she didn't do anything bad to give her this kind of punishment. She wanted to have her family back, and to be feel loved once again.

Throwed in the past, and to be able to found a family who did care for her is soothing. But, no one could replace her original family.


Her life may not be perfect and complete

But somehow, she will find herself in the arms of a man

Who will love her

Cherish her

Care for her

And to be there at her side

Together, always and forever.



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