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One Direction : You fixed my broken heart

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Ally's P.O.V

I ran without stopping keeping a good pace but, i knew he was catching up with me. " Get back here were not finished" kyle screamed coming closer. Kyle kidnapped me a year ago after i broke up with him. Now i'm being abused and have scars on my stomach with nasty names. I ran faster making my legs sore and sweaty but, i wanted to live. "THANK YOU P.E." i thought. I was losing kyle but, i needed somewhere to hide. My eyes traveled to 5 doors and i picked the 3rd one. I walked into the room slamming the door and when i turned around 5 gorg guys were staring at me awkwardly. " Security we have another fan in are room" a semi curly boy spoke into a phone. Two big man walked into the room and grabbed me. "No, wait don't send me back out there he is trying to hurt me " i pleaded refusing to leave the room. "Guys i don't think she knows who we are " the curly boy said making the guards put my down. I crashed to the ground i looked at the boys but one caught my eye . He had blonde hair with sparkly blue eyes. " Who are you " the guy with black hair asked helping me up. "I'm Ally...  i am 17 years old and i was kidnapped a year ago by my abusive ex boyfriend who might still be looking for me" i rambeled out moving away from the door. I looked up to see the boys staring. Then a hairdresser came up to me and handed me clothes. "Here take these their Niall's . They might be a bit big but he is the smallest out of all the boys " she said directing me to the changerooms. I looked at the clothes . A jack willis hoodie and a pair of grey sweat pants.

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