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      Lucia and Chris had already gone to their room.  The interior of the ship was dark save for a dimly lit lamp by the bar.  Tom led Emie toward his room, and then swiftly shut the door behind them.  Emie didn’t give herself time to think.  She simply followed him, and went with what every fiber of her being was telling her.
       Tom moved quickly, his focus narrowed in intensely on her.  In one fell swoop, he had his shirt and sweater up and over his head and was reaching for Emie.  Emie yanked quickly at her hoodie, unzipping it and pulling it off her arms.  They crashed together, and Emie nearly swooned at the feeling of his hot, smooth skin against hers.  There was something indescribable about skin to skin contact. She was still wearing her bikini top, but it left little to the imagination.  Tom reached up, taking her face in his hands, while she slid her arms quickly around his sides and pulled him into her.  Her breasts crushed against him, and Tom groaned as he seemed to gather her in his arms, breathing deep into their kiss as he pulled her close.  It was as if they couldn't get close enough.
       “Tom.” She breathed out as he pushed his hands down her neck and then up and through her hair.  He held her head to hers, kissing her hard and deep.  She clung to him, feeling both comforted by his arms around her and completely and utterly taken by him. 
       “Stay with me.” He managed, his voice low and almost imperceptible. She pulled away, but only slightly.  He tilted his head down, his eyes searching hers.  Emie was finding it a bit hard to breathe.  It was so intriguing to her how he could go from light, silly and adorable to intense and ridiculously sexy in about three seconds flat.  All she could think about was how badly she wanted to bite his lips, touch his hair, make an excruciatingly slow descent down his neck with her mouth.
       “Stay with me tonight, Em.” He said again, his voice in her ear.  She gave him a barely perceptible nod, but it was all he needed.  His mouth found hers again, his hands were on her waist.  Emie felt him sweep his hands behind her back, and up her spine, causing her to feel a shiver rush up from her lower back to the top of her head.  His arms wrapped around her and though he touched her gently, she could feel the strength in him.
       “Don’t stop touching me. Please.” She managed, tilting her head back as Tom found his way down her slender neck.  He hardly needed any direction from her.  He trailed a wet, nipping pathway up and down her neck and then across her collar bone.  Emie grasped his arms, knowing if she let go she would fall over.  She felt the need to be closer to him, knew that things were moving incredibly fast, but she had no idea where the breaks were in this situation. 
       Emie felt Tom reach to the knot of her bathing suit at the back of her neck.  She tilted her head to the side, sweeping her hair away to give him better access.  She felt him fumbling, and then after a few seconds, heard him chuckle softly. 
       “This bloody knot.” He said softly, and Emie laughed.  She reached behind and took a step back, pulling the knot out easily with her fingers.  Tom stilled, seeing her hands pull the two strings apart.  In the pale moonlight coming in from the windows, Emie couldn’t quite see his face.  She knew she was bathed in the silver gray light, but his face was mostly shadows.  It gave her a bit of confidence, not having to see his face at that exact moment.  She bit her lip, then slowly lowered her hands, letting her top go as she did. 
       Tom was still for a moment.  He didn’t say anything.  He didn’t move.  She shifted slightly, knowing full well that he could see her perfectly in the moonlight.
       “Say something.” She swallowed, her voice coming out much softer than she had intended.  She moved again, shifting her weight.  She felt totally and completely exposed.  Tom took a step forward, the side of his face coming into the light.  His eyes were intense.
       “You are beautiful, Emie.  You’re a goddess.” He breathed.  Then, he was kissing her again.  He had her in his arms, and they were tumbling toward his bed.  Emie laid back, her head hitting the pillows first.  Tom came crawling after her, his larger body coming down gently on hers.  She pulled him close, relishing the weight of him against her.  She closed her eyes, thinking of how she wished they could just stay like that forever.  Their legs intertwined instantly, his long, strong ones moving against her smooth, slender ones.  He held himself up, his forearms on either side of her head.
        Tom paused for a second, his eyes finding hers.  He reached up, gently brushing the hair from her eyes and forehead.  He leaned down, kissing her forehead, then her nose, and then the corners of her mouth.  Emie lay still, feeling only the weight of him on top of her and the feel of his skin against her.  She had been mentally fighting against this for some time, but she had always known it would be a losing battle.  Underneath all the worry and doubt, it was the same mantra that played over and over in her head.  Tom. Tom. Tom.  He was different.  There was something about him that she just had to know.  She needed to know him on every level. 
       “Em?” He said softly, and she opened her eyes.
       “Can you hear my brain working again?” She said with a tiny laugh.  He smiled, she could see it in the pale light.  The way his eyes crinkled at the sides.  She reached up, brushing her thumbs over his cheeks, then over his lips.
        She was having a hard time turning off her brain, letting herself relax.  Emie leaned up slightly, taking his face in her hands and kissing him. He kissed her back, gently.  Emie wondered if she could just kiss him for the rest of her life.  Emie felt Tom lift himself off of her, and hovered over her on all fours.  He bent down, kissing her neck again, this time a bit slower.  Emie pressed her face to the side of the pillow, her hands reaching up and bunching into Tom’s soft, unruly hair.  She felt his lips, his tongue, his teeth gently nipping at her skin.  He made his way down her neck, across her collarbones and slowly between her breasts.  Emie felt him cup her breasts gently in his large, strong hands.  Those hands she had thought about on more than one occasion.  His long, strong, graceful fingers.  Tom touched her, making her gasp softly. Oh, he knew what he was doing.  His mouth met her breast, and she nearly bucked off the bed.  It was like electricity.
        Emie gasped, the noises coming from her were somewhat foreign.  She felt herself instinctually almost try to pull away, try to slide out from underneath him.  It was so much to take in at once.  Overwhelming.  She rose up slightly, onto her elbows, before Tom stopped and looked at her, a smile playing at his lips.
       “Emie.” He said gently.  She swallowed.  “Do you trust me, Em?” He asked.  She nodded in answer.  “Tell me you trust me.” He asked. 
       “I trust you, Tom.” She said softly.
       “Then relax, love.  And I promise you that whatever happens between us, right now and tomorrow and every day after that, will only be things that you desire.  I will never, ever deliberately hurt you. I swear that to you.” He said quietly, then came down, laying next to her.   Emie took a deep breath.
       “I’m sorry, I told you I’m not very good at this—“
       “Stop saying that.  You’re perfect, Em.” He slipped his arm underneath her head, pulling her into the crook of his arm.  She looked up at him, into his bright, understanding eyes.
       “I am having trouble convincing myself that you are real and not just some figment of my overactive writer’s imagination.” She said quickly, the words falling out of her mouth.  Tom laughed then, his chest shaking against hers slightly.  She smiled.
       “I’m real.” He said then, suddenly serious.  Emie nodded.  “I promise.”
       He leaned down then, kissing her deeply.  Emie pressed against him, feeling the muscles in his chest, the strength of his legs, the hardness of him against her thigh.
       “Roll over.” He said softly.
       “What?” She asked, confused.
       “Trust me, Em.” He said, humor in his voice.  She did as he asked, moving slightly so she was lying on her stomach, her arms up by her head. Tom moved then, sitting up and throwing one long leg over her body, straddling her.  He held himself up behind her, on his knees.
       “Tom…” She warned, no clue what he was doing.  She laughed as he leaned over her, bringing his face to the side of hers.
       “Oh my god, relax.” He said in his terrible American accent, then laughed because they both knew she couldn’t.  Emie laughed, shaking her head at his accent.  He leaned down and kissed her, softly.
       Tom moved his hands to her shoulders and slowly started rubbing her shoulders, and then up and down her spine.  His long, strong fingers worked knots out of her muscles.  All the stress and the worry that she carried around with her started melting away.  He started at her shoulders and made his way slowly down her back.  Emie felt herself relaxing, and then felt something else happening.  She was focused on his hands, the way he made her feel.  He kept touching her, strong and confident, while Emie felt her body start to melt and respond to him. 
       Tom seemed to sense the change, and then he was kissing the back of her neck and making his way down her spine.  His kisses felt amazing, and they made Emie only want to beg for more.  Tom went slowly though, as if he had all the time in the world.  By the time he paused and stopped, hovering on all fours above her, Emie was practically panting for him to touch her everywhere else.  She rolled over, staying underneath him, and pulled him down to her.  She wrapped her legs around his hips, digging her heels into his butt as she tried to get closer.  
       Suddenly, it was just a blur of kisses, tongues and hands. Emie had her hands wherever she could touch, down his chest, to his back, grabbing his butt and holding him against her.  She nearly lost her mind when she managed to slip her hand under the waistband of his shorts.  Tom tensed, and said something under his breath, possibly a curse word.  Emie took him in her hand, feeling finally the hot, hard length of him.  The way he groaned as she touched him made her feel sexy and powerful. 
       “Tom.” She managed, her voice caught in her throat.  Tom kissed her, his mouth crushed against hers as she grabbed at his shorts, trying desperately to get them off.  Tom sat up, breaking the kiss and pulling his shorts off.  Emie took him in, not caring that she was staring. 
       “Give me a second.  You are…impressive.  I need to remember this.” She said with a smile.  Tom laughed, throwing his head back as he did, but then he was coming at her, fast.  They both were laughing as Tom collapsed against her, and they struggled together to take off her yoga shorts and bikini bottoms.
       Emie wasn’t sure how much time passed.  It could have been five minutes or five hours.  All she knew was that she was with Tom, and he was making her feel and say things that she didn’t know were possible.
       There were two things that completely boggled her mind.  The first was how much they laughed.  It seemed like he constantly kept her laughing.  And it was the sexiest thing she had ever experienced.  He was silly and sweet but at the same time intense and passionate. 
       The second thing that sort of shocked her was that they didn’t end up having sex.  And it wasn’t because it wasn’t an option.  But once the clothes came off, Tom just kept talking to her, and making her giggle.  He’d alternate between kissing her and touching her, working her into a complete frenzy, and then he’d make a comment that would absolutely have her nearly in tears with laughter.  This seemed to go on for quite some time.  They just took their time, getting to know each other.  Emie did her own teasing as well, touching him and making him groan and grab her.  He’d hold her tight and then basically beg her to keep going when she would abruptly stop, a huge grin on her face.  It was fantastic. It was more than fantastic.
       “Remember the night we first met?” Emie asked, reaching up and touching her lips which we slightly swollen from all the kissing.  It was somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning at this point.  She was lying practically on top of him, kissing his chest. 
       “Yes.  You called me terrible names and wounded me deeply.” He laughed.
       “You gave that speech.” She looked up at him.  He nodded. “You spoke French.” She added, a smiled inching its way to her lips.
       “I did.”
       “It was really sexy.”
       “I apologize, unreservedly.” He frowned.  Emie laughed, resting her chin on him.
       “Say something to me in French.” She asked, sitting up and straddling him.  Tom sat up too, wrapping his arms around her and keeping her on his lap.  They faced each other, Emie’s legs wrapped around his waist.  Tom sat quietly for a second, licked his lips and then leaned forward to kiss her neck.  He leaned up, brushing his lips against her ear.
       “Elle est debout sur mes paupières. Et ses cheveux sont dans les miens.” He whispered, his voice low.  Emie stilled, letting the words rush over her.  “Elle a la forme de mes mains. Elle a la couleur de mes yeux.” He continued, his hands moving slowly down her neck, over her collarbone, stopping on her breasts where he touched her gently.  Emie closed her eyes.  She felt his fingers brush over her nipples, and it made her shiver.  “Elle s'engloutit dans mon ombre. Comme une pierre sur le ciel. Elle a toujours les yeux ouverts. Et ne me laisse pas dormir.” Tom kept touching her, his hands moving lower down her stomach to her hips.  “Ses rêves en pleine lumière. Font s'évaporer les soleils, me font rire, pleurer et rire, parler sans avoir rien à dire.”
       His hands were on her thighs now, and he kissed a slow trail across her breasts.  Emie sighed, pushing her hands through his hair.
       “That was beautiful.” She breathed.
       “You’re beautiful.” He countered, his fingers moving to the center of her, making Emie cry out softly and hold onto him.
       “Tell me in English now.” She said, her head back, her voice breathless.  Tom chuckled, his hands still moving.
       “So demanding.” He said, but then kissed her.  Emie arched against him and Tom wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her steady as he touched her.
       “Please.” She said, though she wasn’t quite sure what she was referring to at this point.
       “My pleasure.” He said deeply, his voice nearly a growl.  Emie gasped as he moved his expert fingers, touching her, teasing her.  She leaned into him, her face against his neck. 
       “She is standing on my eyelids and her hair is wound in mine.” He started.  Emie felt her body start to vibrate around him, practically humming with pleasure.  “She has the form of my hands, she has the color of my eyes.” He supported her, knowing how close she was.  “She is swallowed by my shadow like a stone against the sky.” His lips were against her ear, his voice filling her head.  It took her right to the edge.  Emie moaned softly, feeling her legs start to shake.  She grabbed onto him, anywhere she could.  Her hands on his biceps, and then she was biting his shoulder, pressing herself into him. He kept moving his hand, perfectly in tune with what she needed.  “Her eyes are always open and will not let me sleep.” Emie felt like she was going to explode into a million pieces.  Like she was climbing and climbing, and only Tom knew the absolute way.  He paused for a moment, groaning into her ear as she moved against him.
       “Her dreams in broad daylight make the suns evaporate.” He said, his voice strained.  Emie cried out then, and Tom held onto her, feeling her shake and pulse against him.  He groaned, capturing her mouth with his as she came.  Emie whimpered, wrapped her arms around him and pressed her face into his neck.  She clung to him, her whole world turning black with exploding stars.  Tom held her, bringing her down from the cliff he’d led her to.
       “Make me laugh, cry and laugh, speak with nothing to say.” He whispered in her ear.  Emie collapsed against him. 
       When she somehow came back to earth, Tom lowered them both down onto the bed.  Without speaking, Emie pushed against him, slowly sliding her body down his.  Her limbs still felt shaky and almost weak but she didn’t care.  She came up onto her knees in front of him, swaying slightly.  His eyes were on her, watching her every move, mesmerized.
        She needed him.  She needed to touch him.  To tell him and show him how amazing he was.  She took him in her hands first, stroking him and feeling the length of him.  Tom closed his eyes for a moment, looking almost in pain.  Emie leaned down, kissing his stomach, and then lower.  She brushed her lips up and down the length of his shaft, making him reach down, and grab her hand.  They intertwined their finger together and Tom squeezed as she took him into her mouth.  He groaned, and she relished the way he felt under her hand and mouth.  She took care of him the same way he’d taken care of her, and when he said her name, over and over and over, Emie knew she would never be able to hear him say it again without blushing.  Without remembering every detail of that night.

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