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Seokjin's phone rang as he sat on the bed, by Hoseok who was typing away on his laptop.

It was him.

Seokjin quickly ended the call. It happened another four times before a message entered.

Namjoon- why aren't you picking up?

Namjoon- is it because of him?

Namjoon- but I want to hear you beautiful voice

Namjoon- I don't mind if you yell at me

Namjoon- Just talk to me, baby

Namjoon- He isn't even paying attention to you

Seokjin's heart dropped. What the hell just happened? How did-

Namjoon- I would never do that!

Namjoon- I'll give my 100% attention, baby, 24/7

Namjoon- can't you see I'm the right person for you?

Namjoon- Should I show you?

Namjoon- that i'm the right person?

Namjoon- okay, baby. I will

Seokjin- wait!

What had he gotten himself into? Why did this have to happen to him?

Namjoon- baby

Namjoon- you replied me

Namjoon- :)

Namjoon- :))

Namjoon- I love you baby

Namjoon- do you miss me? :)

Seokjin almost cried. What the hell is he up to?

Namjoon- do I have to come and ask you at your door, baby? :))

Namjoon: do you miss me? :))

Seokjin: yes

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