Plus, he knew if he wanted the kicks of hearing Ethan Redfern scream in pain, he could just take a day trip to the prison and release his anger whenever he wanted.

But the man inside the cell wouldn't be contained by a simple prison, designed for humans.

"I was wondering when you would turn up," whispered the familiar voice.

Harry was hanged, topless from thick, metal chains. His toes barely touched the pool of his own blood that gathered on the dark ground.

"I'm surprised you would order servants to beat me for you," Harry let out a small laugh. "I thought you would rather save t" - his sentence was cut short when Zayn zoomed across the room to the thick, silver whip that lay upon a stone table, next to a series of other equipment of torture. -"That's more like it." He whimpered after his maker lashed out with a single strike.

He felt the silver slice open his flesh like knife to butter. Harry sensed the anger that vibrated off his master.

"You traitor!" Zayn roared. "Do you take me for an idiot?"

He took another assault at Harry, but with more force this time. The silver whip left a deep gash upon Harry's flawless skin. Blood poured from his back, but he did not scream.

Instead, Harry stood there wordlessly as his maker and King attacked him verbally and physically over and over again.

"You traitor!" Zayn roared, his eyes dark and bloodthirsty.

He felt himself sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of darkness the moment he smelt Ethan upon Evelyn's skin.

"You think you could gain her love by giving her what she wants? You let that human fuck my girl! Evelyn is mine!" - Another lash - "I won't let anyone take her away from me! She belongs to me! She is mine! She's my woman!"

Zayn dropped the whip, a sinister smile curved his lips. He admired the masterpiece he made of Harry's back. Every layer of skin had been ripped apart. The whole of Harry's back was scarlet red with blood. The smell of raw flesh laced the air.

The King made his way to stand before his once loved protégé. His fist collided with Harry's jaw and a sickening crack echoed around the cell.

"You lust after her, I can tell. You want her don't you? You want to lay her down on your bed and make sweet, sensual love to her?" Zayn hit Harry again. "Do you fantasize about her? Do you fantasize fucking her senseless throughout the night? Claiming her as your own? Hear her scream your name out in pleasure...?"

"No, my King." Harry whispered weakly. His back was healing, but slowly.

Zayn laughed. "Don't lie. I know you do, but don't we all? I will admit, those fantasies of her had dominated my mind from the day I met her. I had never wanted anyone as much as I want her. And I don't care if you do. Hell, you can even touch yourself while thinking about her. But remember, she is mine. If you ever, ever, act upon those fantasies, I promise you, it will be the last thing I do. Ethan may be Evelyn's great love, and I can't kill him without hurting her, but I can sure as hell make you disappeared without a trace with the snap of my finger."

"Zayn," Harry protested. "I can not deny this... feeling I have for Evelyn, but believe me when I say I will never, ever betray you nor try and claim her as my own. You are my maker, my King, my sire. I owe everything to you and I shall be damned if I ever betray you."

The king chuckled darkly. "But you already betrayed me when you allowed that human to take what is mine. Ethan had sex with her, didn't he? You and Venice somehow broke Ethan out of the prison for the night and let the two lover consume their love? You thought I would not notice when my favourite prisoner disappeared from his cell for the whole night?"

Harry said nothing.

"You were always my favourite, you know? Out of everyone, all of my creations, you were my favourite! I remember when I first saw you, the little boy, covered in filth on the street of London, a beggar. A lost soul doomed for death. I remember when you looked up at me with those green eyes and pleaded for food... I felt something that was uncommon for me, I felt what seemed to be like empathy." Zayn rolled his eyes. "How foolish of me to rescue you from the street and raised you like a son, only to have you betraying me like this and plot to steal the woman I love!"

"Zayn, I would never take Evelyn from you!" Harry cried. "You are my master, and no matter how intense the love I have for Evelyn grows, I will never betray you. She is yours."

Zayn's fist collided with Harry's cheek.


"I am telling the truth, my King!"

"Then why did you allow Ethan to have sex with her? And don't say you didn't, because I know you did. I also know you went out of your way to help those two escape. You gave them a car didn't you? Food, clothes and money." Zayn's large hand wrapped themselves around Harry's throat. "Tell me, if you weren't trying to tempt her into thinking you are some kind of saint, and make her feel gratitude towards you, then why did you do it? If you owe so much to me, then why did you help my beloved escape from me?"

Harry sighed, his green eyes met Zayn's brown ones. "Your love for her is too strong. It's blinding you. Everyday, you are sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness, and she is the only thing that can bring you back from that emptiness of hatred and pain. She is your light, she is your anchor to humanity. You can not lose her."

"Then why did you help her leave me?" Zayn roared, his fist tightened around Harry's throat, he wanted to snap his protégé's neck, badly.

"B-because that's the only way she will love you!" said Harry, his voice roughened by Zayn's tight grip. "She is only a human, she will not live forever like you and I. She lives for her family and Ethan, without them, she will find a way to end her life; sooner or later..."

"What are you trying to say?" Zayn dropped his hand and backed away.

"She loves Ethan, or she had led herself to believe she loves him. The only way for her to accept you and love you is to help her get over Ethan. Allow her to spend time with him and away from you will make her realise what she missed with Ethan was not that great, she may reconsider her feelings for you... she may even grow to miss you. We need to give her reasons to keep on living! If she does not have anything to live for, then it will only be a decade or so before she's gone."

"I'll make her a vampire," Zayn replied simply. "She will live forever if I desires her to do so."

Harry rolled his eyes. "This is your problem. You are suffocating her with your love! She needs distance from you, she needs to breath! You need to be gentle, be patient with her and let her make her own decisions. If you forced her to become one of us, do you think she'll be happy? Do you think she'll forgive you?"

"I don't need to be lectured by you!" Zayn hissed, his eyes dark. "She is mine, by body and soul. If all else fails, I will have to use magic to make her love me. One way or another, she is mine. Hell will freeze over before I let her go. I will win. In the end, she will be at my side, as my Queen, for eternity."

And then, Zayn walked out.

"Wait!" Harry called. "I'm not finished explaining!"

But it was too late, Zayn was gone.


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