Chapter 62

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The royal dungeon wasn't a place for the faint hearted.

It was a horrendous place; dark, cold, and chaotic. In an ironic way, it was much like Zayn's soul.

The dungeon was built hundreds of feet beneath the palace. The sheer size of the dungeon was unconceivable. Built like a maze, the hallways twisted and turned like a slithering snake.

Every two hundred yards, a single dim like hung from the high ceilings, illuminating little space. Despite their supernatural sights, even vampires found it difficult to see in that place. They would not even see their own hands if it were to be places before their face.

Black walls, black floors, black ceilings and black cells. You would not be able to tell the shadows from the walls. The dungeon was heavily guarded, though it needn't to be. The place was filled with booby traps and alarms. Unless you had a map or knew the place like the back of your hand, escaping would be impossible. And nobody had ever escaped from Zayn's prized dungeon...Until Ethan Redfern came along.

Zayn didn't know what made him angrier, the fact Ethan Redfern was the sole owner of the one thing he could not have; Evelyn's heart. Or a mere human had escaped from what Zayn believed to be his greatest creation aside from his Empire.

He journeyed through the dungeons swiftly. The place was like a second home.

The second the sweet sound of wails, screams, howls and whips against flesh filled his ears, he couldn't help but smile. It was his favourite sound in the world; beside from Evelyn's voice.

He loved the dungeon. If he had to choose a list of things he truly treasured, then his dungeon would be high up on that list, third only by Evelyn and his Empire. His hand twitched, longed for the feel of thick, rough leather against his palm and the sweet swoosh sound close to his ears.

He wanted revenge, to inflict pain on the one who had betrayed him, on the kitten who had turned into a deceitful right before his eyes, on the traitor who had been teaming with Venice, who had been conspiring against him, who had been lusting after his Evelyn.

Zayn stopped in front of a familiar cell. One that was much grander than the rest, and was packed with some of the deadliest toys ever invented; a lot of them made by Zayn's own hands. It was the same cell he had imprisoned Ethan Redfern in, before he escaped. Zayn still didn't know how a human had slipped past his guards, but he had no doubt Venice had a hand in it.

Slowly, he unlocked the door and let it crept open, inch by inch. The sound echoed around the cell.

Zayn heard the calm breathing from within.

He had some of the best nights in that cell, torturing the Redfern boy to the edge of death, only to pull him back to the land of living. Just the memories of Ethan's screams of pain brought joy to Zayn's evil heart.

At times like those, he kind of wished he had imprisoned Ethan in the royal dungeon, but he could not risk the chance of Evelyn knowing her lover was there, in the dungeon, within the grasp of her fingertips. He hadn't lied when he said Ethan was locked up in a prison outside of the Royal City. He hadn't lied when he said Ethan wasn't going through the forms of torture he endured when he was there, in Zayn's dungeons.

But after he smelt Ethan's scent on Evelyn, he did not know how long Ethan would stay untouched. He had half of the mind to transport Ethan from the prison to the dungeons before dawn. But he wouldn't, because he did not want that human anywhere near his girl, ever again.

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