Chapter 11: A Little White Lie

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I was sitting in Yang Jian's car and he said: "Today we are going to play tennis."

"Ah? I haven't played it in a long time, I almost forgot how to play."

"It doesn't matter just play with us for fun, we also aren't professional players."

However, I was still very anxious about that, I only played it when I was in university. The way Yang Jian spoke made me feel like he could play it very well.

Anyway returning back to our main topic, Yang Jian is a man who can play.

Unlike what I have seen on TV, those elite white-collar workers always spend their nights out at pubs and leading a befuddled existence.

Well, actually I think leading a befuddled existence is a very high level phrase; from the beginning I haven't had an opportunity to experience it myself.

I can see that Wang Jin Cheng and the others seem to have successful careers, during the weekends sometimes they play sports together or go to clubs. They find lots of ways to have fun.

But they never look for women.

Wang Jin Cheng's group was waiting for us at the tennis club. Looking around the place, I guessed that playing here must be very expensive.

I suddenly realized that I've been hanging out with them quite a bit lately, but I had never once paid for anything.

I was a little depressed.

The tennis court is an open court, the lights shone quite brightly and there was even a light breeze tonight that made one feel comfortable.

Then we started playing.

Later, Yang Jian asked me: " You really haven't played for a long time?"

It is true it has been several years, I only attended the tennis club when I was in university.

"Why did you tell me that you don't play well?"

I really don't play well, but I didn't expect you to be this terrible.

"Heaven is indeed playing fair. A person can be insensitive in one aspect but in the other, he can be quite sensitive."

What does that mean?

Afterwards, they unanimously benched me, saying that playing with me is boring.

Geez, he always blames me when he's on the losing side.

I sat on the sidelines, squinting my eyes and enjoyed the night wind.

Yang Jian stood on the court, smiled at me and said "Don't squint your eyes; if you squint them more, they will disappear."

I took out a tennis ball from my trousers' pocket and threw it at him.

Wang Jin Cheng sat down beside me, while grinning he said: "You two seem to be on good terms."

I uncomfortably replied: "Not really."

Wang Jin Cheng just looked at me and smiled.

I turned my head away so I wasn't looking at him, instead I was watching Yang Jian playing on the court.

I had to say he has a very good build, standing in the wind playing tennis he looks especially handsome.

Just......his skill is too crappy......

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