Chapter 10: There is Always a Transitional Period

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The manager got very angry, but the consequences weren't that serious.

Each time he scolded me, I would silently scolded the elevator company's maintenance staff. I bet that the maintenance staff also silently cursed me out in his mind, as I am currently cursing him out too in my mind.

I decided to overhaul the elevators in the entire building under my supervisor.

All of my coworkers looked at me weirdly, why? Because I was at the scene when the incident happened, so were they thinking it was possible that I broke it? I strongly demanded to have an investigation to find out who the heaviest were among the people in the elevator, but no one paid attention to my words.

When the lunch break was almost over, I was finally able to run to the cafeteria to eat.

The result was the chef gave me the leftovers.

I instantly decided to drop the meal and go find an unsuspecting victim so I could rob the items needed for a bowl of instant noodles.

Right when I was on my way back to my department to rob a pack of instant noodles from my coworkers, I was suddenly stopped by someone.

"You haven't eaten yet?"

I stared wide eyed at the man and replied: "Not yet, because I needed to do a thorough check up regarding all of the elevators. Now I'm planning to make some instant noodles."

Why did I tell the truth...

"I also haven't eaten yet, let's eat together."

No one dared to go against the president's order. Under everyone's curious stare, I followed him with a trembling heart.

He took me to ride the private elevator, it was empty with only the two of us in the metal box.

I thought about this morning and suddenly felt awkward; so I put my head down, I didn't dare look at him.

"Thank you, for this morning."

"Eh?" I looked up.

He turned to look at me and said: "In the morning, I was a bit afraid of the confined space and darkness."

I could feel my blood rushing to my face, I really don't know what to say at this moment. If he asks me why I held his hand, do I honestly tell him that I knew he would be afraid? Then he will ask how I knew that, I will answer that I heard it from his secretary. Then he will ask how I got acquainted with his secretary, I will reply with I often buy his photos and information from his secretary.

I don't want to...

But then he didn't ask anything.

I don't know why I felt a bit lost.

He directly led me out of the building, it turned out that we did not need a car for where we were going.

When he took me to in front of a restaurant, I looked up at the sign; my mood became complicated.

Why are we at the same restaurant? Do I have to hold onto my stomach again?

I walked into the restaurant with a grimace on my face, then sat down to face him.

He asked me what I wanted to eat and I told him the name of a few dishes, it should be okay as long as I don't consume the dishes from last time. If I consume some other dishes then maybe I will be able to avoid having discomfort in my digestive system.

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