Chapter 09: Life and Death Moment

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Translator: Miyuki

Proofreader: Jesse

I still have a persistent episode of the case of the Monday Syndrome.

It was very crowded on the bus today and I suspected that my legs must have gotten extremely fragile. So I walked particularly slow, I bet I must have a very elegant walking posture right now.

But I was a bit scared.

I stood at the corner and saw the president waiting for the elevator, I hid behind the wall to watch him stand with his head slightly down, looking at his own shoes.

After the chat with miss secretary that night, I started to have strange feelings in my heart, so when I saw the president, I felt particularly more nervous than usual. So I did not dare to come close.

It would be better if I put some distance between us, or else I would do something stupid again.

When the elevator door opened, the president stood to the side letting the people behind him go in first; I saw someone ask him something and he just shook his head.

I waited for him to get into the elevator, but when the elevator doors closed he was still standing there; he purposefully did not get in the elevator.


Alright, I would be late if I don't take the elevator now; I had gathered up all my courage to step out and stood next to him and nodded my head to say: "Good morning, President."

"Uhm, good morning."

I did not dare to look at him, so I kept my head down. The elevator went up and down, while waiting for it a lot of people gathering around. After the elevator door opened, the president walked in first and then everyone else followed.


That was loud, what just happened?

Five seconds later, I tearfully raised my head up and rubbed my forehead; earlier I put my head down so I walked right into the elevator door frame...

I heard someone puffing out a laugh, I turned to glare at the person and then continued to walk into the elevator.

The president frowned then put his hand on my forehead and asked: "Are you okay?"

"It's nothing, thank you president. My head is much stronger than steel, so I'm okay."

I quickly retreated to a corner of the elevator. I must have a good dodging physique because I even admired my own speed.

The president slowly put his hand down.

The elevator door closed, then everyone pressed the number for their floor; it caused quite a ruckus, but then the elevator began to rise up steadily.

I hid behind everyone so I was not able to get a good look at the president.

My head was hurting, such a bitter pain, but it was not caused by the bang earlier.

When did it all start? First it was just watching him from far away, thinking that he is very handsome; then I acquired his photos from the internet, then we officially met for the first time at the elevator.

Then I learned a lot about him through his secretary and now...

The warmth from his touch on my forehead was so vivid that it felt surreal.

I quietly waited for the elevator to reach my floor, so that I could go out and start my work day. I was hoping that it would enable me to put aside all of those weird thoughts I couldn't get out of my head.

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