22] dream = reality

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something just like this- coldplay & the chainsmokers 

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something just like this- coldplay & the chainsmokers 


~Yoongi's POV~

Yoongi's phone rang at an unreasonable hour that morning. He could hear the others in the room groaning at the sudden noise and burst of light from his cell phone screen. And even though he was sleep deprived and slightly irritated, he somehow managed to find the strength within himself to be roused and to accept the call.

It was Bang PD, asking him to wake the other boys and for them to be in the conference room by six thirty; he didn't specify the reason. Regardless, Yoongi sighed, removing himself from the warmth and comfort of his untidy bed. He dressed quickly, waking his other roommates, Namjoon and Jimin, after doing so.

"What does Bang PD want this early?" Jimin mumbled, looking around in the dark for a clean shirt to put on.

"I don't know; he didn't say. I'm going to go wake up the others, yeah?" Yoongi replied as he put on a hoodie, suddenly cold after being away from the covers of his bed.

"I'll go out and grab coffees for everyone. You guys text me what you want." Namjoon managed even though it was obvious that he was exhausted, waving at Yoongi as he walked out of the room.

"Will do," Yoongi answered without turning around, yawning again, wondering what was about to become of his future.


"I have an important announcement to make, and that's why I've called you all here today," Bang PD said, bright and early on that Monday morning. There were seven boys now, including Yoongi, and all were crowded around the round table in the conference room. Their eyes were all still swollen from being tired as the meeting was called so early; the room smelled of seven different coffee orders.

Namjoon glanced over from his spot beside Yoongi, raising a suspicious eyebrow. Yoongi shrugged a bit, lifting his to-go cup of coffee that Namjoon had bought for him as he wondered what the meeting may be about.

There were a few things it could've been; a new song, new live show, maybe even a new producer, or extra required dance class or something...But for some reason, those things felt a bit unlikely to Yoongi. There seven boys now, and it had been over a month since Jeon Jungkook, the last addition, had been brought in. If Bang PD was planning to bring in an eighth member, Yoongi had reason to believe that it likely would've already happened.

And without any more additions, the boys were continuously working on music and being faithful to all their classes. Everyone was being extremely productive and working hard. There hadn't been any other incidents since the fight video fiasco, and everyone was getting along just fine. In fact, all seven boys were now moved into dorms and were around each other constantly. With these things put together, Yoongi concluded that there was only one clear foreseeable thing that could occur in the near future...

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