A House Party

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“Skye,” Adam popped his head into my room later that night.

“Yeah, bro?” I asked not looking up for my computer. Wattpad will forever be more interesting than him. No offense.

“We’re having a party tonight.”

“For what?” I asked baffled and finally looked up from my computer.

He rolled his eyes, “A house party for Chace and me coming back.”

“No one wants to celebrate Chace coming back,” I mumbled.

He laughed a little, “People are going to be here in about an hour.”

He left my room and I rushed into my bathroom. How was I going to get ready in one hour? Was he crazy? I thought as I stripped down and got into the shower. I only stayed in long enough to be clean; I didn’t exactly have time to enjoy the heated water washing over me. I dried myself off with a towel and wrapped my body in it. Then I wrapped my hair in one.

I raced to my closet trying to find an appropriate outfit for the night. I didn’t have too much. No matter how rich we were my parents weren’t going to let me spend tons of money on clothes without checking to see if I actually needed them. I whipped out a black dress and shimmed into it. It had thick straps instead of sleeves and came down about mid-thigh. The entire back was open. It came down in a v while the front was cut straight across, but just low enough for cleavage. Perfect I thought.

I slipped on a pair of black heels and quickly did my makeup. It was good timing too because the party was just starting to get loud. I threw off the towel on my head to reveal my straight hair and left my room to make my way downstairs. So far I had gone unknown and unnoticed until my best friend, Aaron, and his girlfriend, Jen, saw me.

“Skye!” Jen yelled with a huge smile and Aaron pulled me into a bear hug.

Once he let me go I laughed, “Hey, guys.”

Those two really were the cutest couple. Jen had huge brown eyes and black hair. She was short, though the heels she wore added some height, but Aaron still had a foot on her. He was strong, but lean and had the sweetest smile. His brown eyes and pale skin just seemed to match perfectly with Jen’s. However his brown hair was different from hers.

“You look great!” she exclaimed.

“Thanks,” I beamed, “you don’t look so bad yourself.”

“So Chace is back?” Aaron grimaced. My best friend was not hidden to the pranks he’d pulled on me throughout the years. Half of them happen in our school anyway.

I nodded, “But it’s not all bad. That means Adam’s back.”

“Aw,” he pouted sarcastically, “That means no more sleep overs for you and me.”

I laughed, “You and Chace might be the only guys my brother will never worry about.”

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