Sutton's P.O.V. 1

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"Who's mommy cute baby?" I ask Zoey once I am done dressing her up after dinner. 

"I am" She points at herself and giggles while jumping off her bed with my help and runs off somewhere in the house. Picking up Zoey's things I decide to head out of her room and into the living room where I find my brother Xavier, his boyfriend Max, and best friend Thayer, which I call "workshop". Long story short of why I call him that is because if you pronounce his name in Spanish it sounds like "taller" and that's some type of workshop translated to in English. 

"I thought you guys were going out tonight?" I ask walking to the kitchen.

"We are, soon" Xav says. 

"Oh. Are you staying here?" 

"No, I'm staying at Max's" I nod and grab a glass of juice and head to the living room to finish my school work which was due in a few hours online. I was taking online classes during summer and any holiday month long vacation in order to accelerate my bachelor's degree. I was already half way through my 2nd year in university to which I was really proud of. Zoning everything out, but keeping a close eye towards Z, I finish about half of my work when I hear my brother tell me he's about to leave. I look towards him and nod.

"Yeah, okay. Be careful and don't do something I wouldn't" He laughs and kisses the top of my head. One thing you should know is that I'm short, like really short. Like, 4'8 short. My brother is 6'2 and I look tiny next to him, Max and workshop. 

When he leaves with Max, I pick up Z and walk to her room to put her to bed since it's her bedtime already. 

Walking back out to finish my assignment, I find Workshop laying on the sofa. 

"What are you still doing here, Workshop?" I ask not looking at him and walking to my work laying on the table.

"Sleeping over" 

"Well, you don't have to, you can leave." 

"Naw, I like it here. Plus, I get free things." I roll my eyes at my brother's best friend feeling the need to throw something his way. 

Since I met him when I was 10 he's been the same; annoying. He loves to piss me off. When I was younger; 13 he was 17, I had the craziest crush on him. He never batted an eye my way unless it was to make me mad. 4 years later and nothing has changed, well only one and those were my feelings for him. He's more attractive than before, but he still makes me mad.

"Well, don't talk to me." He laughs, glances my way and turns back to his laptop on his lap.

"Don't worry, princess, I won't"

New story, kind of similar to 'Texts With You.' This story will have both text form chapters and full on chapters like any other story chapter I write, the only difference is that they'll be written this short. Let me know what you think so far. What do you think will happen in this story and the characters.

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