Aiden POV

Spencer told me she was quitting her job. I was afraid that she would leave me or maybe, she might go back to Louisiana. "I need to have her. I have no other choice." At that moment, Billy walked in and says, "Sir, she's on the move. She was heading to this takeout restaurant and then back to her house." "She won't get away from me. I'll see to it she'll regret ever rejecting me." I sneered. Billy bowed his head and walked away. I looked at my gun and a picture I printed out of her. The first day I met her, I bought a frame and placed her picture in it later on that day. Her hair was in a long pony tail and she was wearing a nice dress. Billy came back and dropped a gym bag in front of me. It contained rope, tape, zip ties, a blindfold, and chloroform. She will be mine tonight. She will be my future wife. "Do you need help?" Billy asked me. "No, I'll take care of her. Just be close." We set our plan in motion. We both set out for separate cars and drove to Charlotte's apartment on 6th street.

Charlotte POV

I was relaxing. I had made myself penne pasta with marinara sauce and mushrooms and decided to watch Murdoch Mysteries. After eating, I continued to watch my show. Suddenly, the electricity went out in my apartment. "Oh great!" I yelled. I went to grab a flashlight and check the grid. When I was about to go, I heard a noise coming from my room. "Hello? Is anyone there?" I asked. No reply. I crept to my room and saw my window was open. "Oh my God." I whispered. "He's not here to help you." I screamed and turned around. Aiden was at my doorway. He looked at me and smirked. His throaty laugh made me soak my underwear. God, he's so hot just succumb to him. "Aiden, please. I beg of you, don't hurt me. I won't say anything to anyone. I promise" Aiden laughed again. "Charlotte, you shouldn't be afraid. Just breathe. Don't fight me." Aiden jumped over my bed and grabbed my hair. I was pulled to the floor and a smelly cloth was on top of my face. I tried kicking but it was useless. Everything went black.

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