Originally published: April 26, 2012


Yes, you guessed it.

He asked me to marry him.

But we both agreed that we would finish college first before anything else. I mean, we all know how he's the heir of a billionaire tycoon—but doesn't mean he couldn't go back and finish school, right? This is one of the things we had to agree on. Finish school. Earn a degree. That way when everything else fails, we would have something to fall back on.

So he transferred back to California and we still dated whenever we were free during the weekends.

Then after college, Evan and I got married. It was a simple garden wedding. Nothing too fancy. And did you know that his grandmother wanted to throw a grand wedding for us? Yes, I'm in good terms with his Grams, isn't that great? Anyway, I refused but the wedding came just fantastic. It was just the way I like it. Close friends and family members were the only ones invited. And guess what? We used that old Trellis that was used by his parents' wedding which made it more special.

How about Sofie and Trish? Well, my best friends are doing great. Sofie managed to get her clothing line up since she loved fashion so much—and you will never guess who's she dating. The son of Vogue magazine's fashion editor, Derek Lainey.

Can I just say HOT? She's one lucky duck. I knew her time to meet prince charming would come along someday.

Trish on the other hand, is still dating BV high's lovable ginger, Reece—and still going strong. And I just found out the other day that he just popped the question. And I believe they'll be spending that special day in Hawaii very, very soon.

My best guy friend,Trevor McAllister, joined the Marines and finally married Rhiannon Summers last year. Believe it or not, I was the maid of honor and Evan was the best man. Yes, I know, right?? Wonders just never cease. So far they are still doing great. Lance and Rhi sends us postcards every now and then since they love backpacking around the world whenever Trevor gets a break from his work.

Oh, now you're asking about the twin bitches? Well, the last time I heard about Masiela, she got accepted as one of the San Diego Charger cheerleaders and is dating one of the football players. It figures. Still the same ol' masiela. But it wasn't a serious relationship because my mom just saw it on the news that their five month romance had just ended. Poor masiela.


Her BFF, Becca Milano moved to Jacksonville, Florida along with her boyfriend as soon as she graduated from high school and I just read her Facebook status that she's about to get a second divorce. Wait, a second divorce?

Wow, my heart just aches for her.

As for Lance Milliken. Evan's gorgeous blonde and jerk of a best friend. He's actually working for his dad's law firm now. Lance, a lawyer? No, not really. I believe he's still in the process of completing his degree in law. You know, Lance had had changed so much and I think It had something to do with Evan threatening him that one day, something about not talking to him until he dies. Okay, I was totally kidding. He really didn't say that and I don't have any idea what they talked about. I guess Lance was just scared of losing Evan as his best friend.

Some bromance, huh?

Well, I think I've covered the 411 on just about everyone. Oh, wait—there's more. How can I forget? Celina Bloom. Well, Evan told me she married a surgeon and moved to Beverly Hills. I've never really heard anything from her after that.

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