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"You lost-"

"You guys did it? Look at my baby, she already lost her Tae-card, come hug me" Jin and the rest barked in the room making me flinch.

I dumbfoudedly got up from the bed and hugged him, Hoseok was dancing around while Taehyung was dragging Yoongi with his pillow.

"How did all of you come here?" I asked confused.

"Taehyung called us and told us to come celebrate" hobi said making me frown.

"Celebrate what?" I asked.

"You know, after you did the 'dirty water' thing" Jin smirked making me choke.

I looked over Jungkook and realized Namjoon whispering some stuff into his ear.

"Who are you dude? And why are you asking me if I beat that pussy like she never even felt before?" Jungkook yelled.

"You should be pure, you know" Namjoon smirked at him.

"Guys, we didn't do anything tho" I explained.

"...Yet..." Jungkook added making me roll my eyes.

"Yeah yeah whatever, can I go now?" Yoongi sighed.

"Wait, I know you!" Jungkook pointed at Yoongi.

"You were my neighbor, you used to only wear a 3 dollars chain and boxers even in winter. You also used to put your trash bags in front of my door step" Jungkook said making me chuckle.

"I've never seen you before dude, but yeah, I used to put my trash bags in front of people's door steps." Yoongi said.

"You also used to always order pizza and never pay the pizza guy, you would start throwing rocks at him instead" Jungkook added making me laugh like a potato

"How did you die, Yoongi?" I asked out of nowhere.

"They obviously found out he orders pizza without paying and arrested him, he died in jail." Namjoon said making me frown.

"How? He stayed in jail for a long time?" I asked.

"No, he had to stay for 2 months, but they found him dead the second morning." Hoseok continued.


"He said that he couldn't survive sleeping on those uncomfortable beds" Hoseok replied.

"If he did all of that, how the hell is he an angel?" I asked.

"We don't even know how to be honest" Taehyung stared at Yoongi.

"So when I died, I actually found the door of hell in front of me but started to explain to god how of a swaggy person I was, he fortunately felt my cool vibe and let me in the heaven door instead" Yoongi said proudly.

"So you're supposed to be a demon?" I raised my brow.

"You can say that..." He replied.

"Woah, I'm not surprised." I said.

"Neither I am." Jungkook mumbled.

"How did you guys come here? Did your training trip end?" I asked.

"Nah, we are on a brake." Jin replied making me nod.


The others went back to heaven and Taehyung was the only one left.

Jungkook been glaring at him all day and it was just annoying so I thought of something.

"Yah! Both of you should stop being such hoes and forgive each other" I said as we three were sitting on the bed.

"I didn't do anything wrong" Demonkook defended himself.

"I don't care! Hug each other!" I commanded.

Taehyung confusedly glanced at Jungkook who glared at him.

"Hell nah!" Jungkook yelled.

"Stop being a bitch and hug him! Come on" I smiled.

Taehyung hesitantly approached Jungkook before wrapping his arms around him.

"Hug him back" I whispered.

Jungkook slowly hugged Tae back making a big smile draw my lips. They pulled off.

"I'm sorry..." Taehyung looked down.

"I-it's okay hyung" Jungkook mumbled as he looked away.

"It wasn't hard, see!" I clapped my hands in excitement.


Y/N P.O.V:

They were both playing Overwatch as I was behind them placing each of my arms on their shoulders.

They were both extremely focused on the game, Jungkook was pursing his bottom lip and Taehyung having his tongue little bit sticking out as his eyes followed every move.

Soon Taehyung won and started dancing like a clown making me chuckle.

"Congrats homie!" I high fived him as he ruffled my hair playfully.

Jungkook on the other hand rolling his eyes and scoffing.

"Come on, don't be selfish, you always win!" I poked my boyfriend's cheeks.

"Whatever..." He shrugged.

"Homies I gotta go, I'm getting hungry and you have no food here. Bye!" Tae smiled.

"Bye hyung" Jungkook gave him a bro fist.

"Bye Tae" I hugged him tightly before he kissed my cheek.

I could feel Jungkook's gaze burning into us but just shrugged it off.

"Are you coming tomorrow?" I pulled off.

"I don't know. Bye princess" He played with my cheek making me giggle.

He slowly disappeared. It was already 1:34 AM, this guy is just too fun to hang out with, you don't feel the time passing.

The room was dark, the light of the TV and the moon were enough.

I was about to turn around when I immediately got pinned to the wall by my shoulders.

It was obviously Jungkook.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I get little bit pissed when I see you having skin-touch with him. You know, it drives me crazy, noona" He innocently pushed some bags out of my faceu.

"It makes me want to show you that you only belong to me, babe." His cold finger slid down my neck making its way to my chest.

"Jungkook we are just friends." I explained.

"I still don't like it." He commented.

"I'm sorry..." I mumbled.

" 'Sorry' isn't enough Noona. I think, it's better if you get punished."

Author's note: You will like the next chapter.

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