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blakerossi   saying goodbye to the pink in my hair and also nyc for a little bit

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The biggest day of my life was only a few days away and to say I was nervous was an understatement. Everything I had worked for would pay off next week. My entire life would be leading up to this moment and I couldn't be more excited.

My next door neighbor, who I had been friends with since I moved into this complex around 2 years ago, would be taking care of my apartment and my dog. I wish I could bring him with me, but of course that wouldn't work out.

Tonight, I would be flying out to Los Angeles to finish up a few meetings before we were all thrown onto the VS private jet and shipped across the world to the most beautiful city in the world: Paris.

I was pretty excited to be spending the next day and a half with my good friend, miss Andrea Russett. . I hadn't seen her in a really long time considering we lived on different sides of the country. I was upset they wouldn't be able to come see the show, but they had planned a huge viewing party for when it actually aired and thats really all that mattered to me. They were crazy supportive and that's all I could ask for.

I heard my neighbor come into the house and I called in a sing song voice, "I'm in my room!"

She ran in and flopped down on my bed, "Ugh, how does it feel Blake? You're literally going to be in Paris in a matter of days!"

"Pretty crazy, actually. I don't think it's hit me yet." I zipped up my suitcase after throwing my passport right on top and slid my shoes on.

"I can't believe you finally made it after 2 years. Yet, I'm still stuck in New York."

"You'll get there, Ivy. I promise." I stood up and rubbed her shoulder. "Thank you so much for doing this. If you need anything, just shoot me a text and I'll send money, or whatever okay? I'll miss seeing your face!"

We shared a hug, and I literally drowned my dog in hugs and kisses before exiting my apartment and heading down to the lobby to wait for my Uber that would take me to the airport. The only downside about living right in the middle of the city was all the traffic. You think that it's not like anything in the movies, but it's actually 10 times worse.

~~~~~~~~los angeles~~~~~~~~

When I landed, I expected nothing more than to just get to the airport and happily reunite with Andrea. The airport was fairly crowded and I just assumed it was because nearly every model that didn't live in Los Angeles was flying in today. So not only did that attract paparazzi, it attracted fans. I was just thankful that this was my first year in the show, so I wasn't that well known. Barely any of the models knew me, except a handful.

I grabbed my luggage and waited quietly, scrolling through my phone, trying to look like I had friends. It didn't take that long before I heard my name being called. I looked up and shoved my phone into my pocket before running towards the two idiots that I call my best friends. I was engulfed in the biggest hug I had ever recieved and I had never felt happier.

Andrea was vlogging which didn't surprise me at all.

"God, I fucking missed you!" Andrea laughed, holding her camera up and tugging me into her side..

"I love you." I sighed happily.

"How was the flight?" Andrea asked and we all began walking back to Andrea's car.

"It was nice, I slept most of the way." I laughed.

"Damn, typical Blake."


After one of the best lunches I've ever eaten, Andrea and I took off to her apartment where I would be staying the night and half of tomorrow before I was sucked into the world of model meetings and flights to Paris.

Andrea and I had been friends for quite a while, we actually met in California during one of my first visits to Los Angeles for my first ever casting call. It was nothing big, just an ad for Hollister but you've gotta start somewhere. We ended up bumping into each other somehow, someway and we clicked instantly.

"I'm actually going to the Bahamas pretty soon, so that's gonna be bomb as fuck." Andrea said as she scrolled through her instagram. We were laying in her bed, ready to go to sleep, but we almost never went to sleep until we've had our random catch up sessions.

"Oh jeez, you in the Bahamas can't possibly be a good idea." I laughed and she hit my shoulder, causing my to whine playfully. "Bitch."

"It's gonna be good, you should come, actually." Andrea turned her head to look at me and I thought for a minute before deciding I would go, if my schedule was open. After all we had never had our own best friend vacation and now that we both could afford it, we might as well.


"You guys, I'm actually pretty sad right now, because Blake just got here, literally yesterday and she's already leaving me. It's been not even a full day and she's leaving me again." Andrea leaned her head on my shoulder as we sat in the car in front of the building that the meeting was gonna be held in.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you know I love you." I poked my bottom lip out, looking up at the camera.

"I'm also really happy though because she's about to have the greatest day of her life and carreer you guys know what I'm talking about," she wiggled her eyebrows, "But I'm also sad because I won't be there. Like jeez, that's the worse. I'm a terrible friend."

"Long story short, Andrea is sad." I laughed and grabbed my bag and suitcase from the back. I blew Andrea and the camera a kiss before going into the lobby of this huge building.

"Name?" The man behind the desk asked.

"Blake Rossi." I replied.

I was lead to the elevator and a nice looking lady took my suitcase from me, holding onto it from me. We went up to floor 19 and when we stepped out, she attatched a tag to my suitcase before rolling it over to a corner that had nothing but pink suitcases in it. Another lady then took me to the room that the meeting would be in. I was greeted with many many smiles and hugs from models who I'm sure didn't even know my name. We were sat for almost an hour before all the models arrived (there were a ton of us) and the head producers and directors of the show came into the room.

"Okay, ladies we've got a big few days ahead of us, so let's go through the roll sheet and make sure everyone is here, and also let's go through costume check list, this is the..."

I could barley keep up they were speaking so fast.

"Now there's some new models, and we've actually chosen quite a few to walk with wings this year, its a rare thing but we just think some of them deserve it, you know? So let's go ahead and give Blake Rossi a pair-"

I felt a pat on my back, my jaw dropping. I was so extremely happy and speechless I couldn't even mumble a thank you.

"Okay, ladies, ground rules. I know you hate hearing this every year, but we gotta do it. Ground rules and itenary..." they began flipping through a powerpoint, explaining everything.

So it begins.

hey whats up, whats wrong with me starting literally another story lmao. this has actually been in my notes for the longest time, so i thought might as well. i love shawn in case you didnt know. also my phone is currently broke which sucks but im making it lol

love you guys

ill be back soon

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