10 years later Part 1

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"Right I shall get Chris to tell you everything in like 10 minutes and then I shall get Christopher the head maid to show you to your room and to give you a tour" my dad said to Ryan, Ryan nodded "of course your majesty" Daddy walked out of the room and probably went to go and search for Chris.

Ryan looked at me, I looked back at him and he was looking in my eye's "so I'm your third bodyguard?" he asked me walking over slowly I nodded unaware of what he was going to do as he walked closer to me "well I am going to protect you with all my might and if anyone tries to do anything to you or hurt or upsets you then I’m going to kick there ass" he said seriously sitting down on the beanbag next to the beanbag I’m sat on. "So erm...tell me about you" I said turning to face him "well as your dad said" he started "I'm Ryan King, I am 21 years old, I am an only child and this is my first job as a bodyguard and I hope to please you and your father by doing things right and protect you from anything bad." Ryan said finishing and looking in my eye's still, I smiled at him and I could tell that he was being serious, he is so sweet.

"So tell me more about you" Ryan said smiling at me "well, I'm Summer White, I'm the princess obviously" I said smirking " I just turned 16 today as my daddy said, I have a brother called Cameron who is 18, your my third bodyguard, I love to ride horses, I have a boyfriend and I don’t know what else to say" I finished smiling. Ryan laughed at most probably what I said about me not knowing what to say, If he is laughing because of that then I understand why...I'm a princess and as a princess I should know what to say to my super hot bodyguard, crap I have a boyfriend and I'm thinking stuff like that...oh o.

After getting to know Ryan more Chris came so Ryan had to leave so he could find out everything so I decided that I was going to ride my horse, Marshmallow, weird name for a house yes but I was eating marshmallow's when I got her so that’s what I named my horse. I couldn't be bothered waiting for Jacob to come so I walked into my bedroom and put on my riding outfit, I then walked downstairs and outside to the stable's and went to Marshmallow and gave her a carrot.

Jerry, who looks after the horse's brought Marshmallow out and put the saddle on her and he helped me up onto her, I stroked Marshmallow's head as Jerry walked her out of the stable "you going to be alright princess?" Jerry asked me, I nodded my head and looked around last year when I had just turned 15 I had managed to ride Marshmallow without any help and I'm still getting use to it as at time's I don't feel secure.

I rode Marshmallow around the stables and then I rode her into the woods, I don’t know why but I love riding in the woods, at time's I like to ride Marshmallow at night but my dad doesn't like it when I ride in the woods as its 'dangerous' so when I do ride at night I always have someone else riding with me for my safety.

Ryan's p.o.v

I was honoured to get my job as the princess's bodyguard I have never been so excited before but I was a bit worried in case I did something wrong. When I met and spoke to the princess I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing, her voice was beautiful and so angelic and the way she looked beautiful blonde hair, perfect skin, perfect everything. I knew I had done the right thing by applying for the job and accepting it.

I got a tour of the castle and I got shown where my room was and I got told everything that I had to be told. I walked around looking for the beautiful princess and I couldn't see her what a great start for my first day. I looked outside a window and saw Summer riding a horse going towards the stables, I walked outside and jogged over. When I walked inside the stable I looked around shocked at how many horse's there were and at how beautiful they were "Exscuse me can I help you?" someone asked me I was about to reply when I heard the beautiful voice saying "Jerry it's fine this is Ryan my new bodyguard" I looked and saw Summer looking at me smiling "oh right sorry I thought you were a stranger" I heard this Jerry guy saying, I looked at him "it's fine don't worry" I said looking back at Summer. She was looking at me "can you help me down please?" she asked I smiled at her and offered my hand out to her "you don't need to ask me, i'm your bodyguard i'll do anything you want me to" I said smiling, she smiled and turned sidewards on her horse so it looked like she had been riding side saddle, and she took my hand and jumped off her horse. I caught her as I wrapped my free hand round her waist so she wouldn't fall "you alright?" I asked she nodded and smiled " yea thanks" she said letting go of my hand and moving away.

I smiled at her "hey Summer, Jacob's here" I heard a voice what sounded like her brother's voice, I turned and I was correct, we met when I was on the tour and he's a great guy, I looked back at Summer and she was smiling "alright I'll be a few minutes" she told her brother I sighed quietly and looked at the horses in the stable then I heard footsteps running and I knew that Summer was going to meet this Jacob dude. I walked over to Cameron "so who's Jacob?" I asked curiously "Summer's boyfriend" he said I nodded my head then I walked past him and headed the for the castle.

Summer's p.o.v

I walked into the castle and walked up to my bedroom and stood outside was Jacob "hey" I said walking over to him, Jacob looked at me and smiled "hey beautiful" he said wrapping his arms around my waist once I got to him  "happy birthday to my beautiful princess" I started to blush slightly "thanks" I said smiling "I thought we were going to go riding together?" Jacob asked slightly confused "I decided to go by myself so then I could get ready and spend more time just talking to you and relaxing" I said being honest with him, he smiled and nodded "okay's then i'll go wait downstairs for you" Jacob said kissing me softly I kissed him back then pulled back "okay i'll see you in a few minutes" I said smiling. I walked into my room and closed my door, my daddy doesn't like Jacob in my bedroom which is why Jacob said he'll meet me downstairs. I walked to my closet and thought about what I could wear.

I chose a black one shoulder dress that went to my lower thighs and some silver heels, I combed my hair then went downstairs and I saw Jacob sitting down on the couch. He looked over at me and smiled then he got up, came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist "you look so beautiful" he said before kissing my head "thanks" I said smiling at him whilst wrapping my arms around his neck.

After about 2 minute's of talking Ryan walked into the living room, Jacob tightened his grip around my waist "who are you" he asked Ryan "I'm Summer's bodyguard" Ryan said honestly, Jacob looked at me and I nodded confirming it, Jacob smiled slightly then looked back at Ryan "right well you can go now I'm her boyfriend Jacob and she's safe here with me" Jacob said "I'm sorry but I only take order's off the princess, the prince, the king and the queen" Ryan said I looked at Jacob and he rolled his eyes, I then looked at Ryan "Ryan it is fine you may go, if you want you can go to the kitchen and get something to eat if your hungry" I said to him "if your sure" Ryan said, I nodded and smiled, he smiled back at me and left for the kitchen or wherever.

After a few hour's of sitting around watching TV with Jacob the palace started to get busy with the guests for my party, I knew that this party would end up being totally amazing I couldn't wait.


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