10 years later Part 1

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Summer's p.o.v

Today I have turned 16 and I know that today is going to be my best birthday ever because my boyfriend Jacob Smith has a 'big' suprize for me. Me and Jacob got together but not by choice, by arrangement, at first we weren't fond of each other but we have grown to love each other. Jacob is 17, he is tanned, very muscular, he has Jet black hair and he's very sexy.

Tonight I am going to be having a huge party having most of my friends over and family I can't wait, the bad thing is today i will be getting a new bodyguard, since I was 8 I have had 2 bodyguards, the first one didn't do his job properly then got fired when I was 12 so Chris was my temporarily bodyguard until my daddy got me a new body guard, when I was 14 and a half, the new bodyguard tried to flirt with my mum, my daddy was furious as he walked into the dining room and the bodyguard had my mum against the table, daddy saw, punched the guy and then fired him, my mums and dad's relationship is really strong and no one can come in between them, so today before my party my parents are going to introduce me to my bodyguard.

I stayed in my pj's which I made tradition to do on my birthday since I was 12, I sat at my vanity table in my room as Amy straightened my hair, she is now 28 and we still have a really strong bond.
"Did you sleep well Summer?" Amy asked making conversation seen as we have been quite for 5 minutes "yes thanks which is unusual for me seen as I never get to sleep properly before my birthday" I said truthfully also wondering why I did manage to sleep properly for once in my 16 years of life the night before my birthday.

Once Amy finished my hair and she left my room and went to do her job's, I got up and went downstairs as usual all the staff was in the living room, when they saw me they bowed or curtsied and said "Happy birthday your highness." I looked over and saw my mum, dad and Cameron standing where they always stand, mum had some tears in her eye's I wonder if she’s ok. I walked over and got pulled into a big hug by mum "Stop growing up, I feel like im loosing my kids" mum said stroking the back of my hair softly "mum don't worry were not going anywhere" Cameron said "good!" mum and dad said both at the same time and dad chuckled as I pulled back from the hug and got a hug of dad and Cameron. We all walked into the kitchen and took our seats, I now sit next to Cameron because dad wanted mum sitting next to him after the incident with the past bodyguard, my daddy is very protective of my mum, he is with me and Cameron but it is like mum is his imprint like in Twilight where a wolf imprints on someone apart from he is human and not a wolf.

After we had our breakfast we went upstairs and went to the game room, I walked into the room first and I froze when I saw the amount of colorful presents that were in front of me "wow" I said still frozen  "Come on Summer move your bum" I heard Cameron say behind me, I moved forward and looked at all my presents, I'm amazed at the amount of presents I have, it’s like this year I have double to what I had last year.

After I opened my presents, I sat down on a bean bag and thought for a moment on what I was going to do before my party. I know that I have to meet my new body guard but that would take like 10 minute's but then I would have...3 hours before my party, an hour to get ready so then I have 2 hours of free time. Jacob is going to be coming soon so he can spend time with me before the party so we agreed to ride our horses together to pass some time. My dad had to go downstairs whilst I was opening my presents because my bodyguard came and my dad wanted to speak to him before we got introduced. Mum and Cameron went downstairs then shortly after dad came in with someone behind him, it was my new bodyguard. Once my dad was fully in the room he stepped to the side and I looked closer at the bodyguard, he had brownish blonde hair, he had broad shoulders and quite tall, and quite big...not fat! I could tell he works out, he also looked very smart.

"Summer this is your bodyguard Ryan King, Ryan this is Summer my daughter, she just turned 16 today" my daddy said, Ryan looked at me and smiled "happy birthday your highness" he said. Ryan's voice sounded magical, so clear and just wow, I smiled at him "thank you."

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