Chapter 2

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If you're a rereader... FOR THE LOVE OF PLOT TWISTS, PLEASE STOP SPOILING IT!!! I know you're excited, but it's really upsetting to spoil the entire plot for new readers. Thank you. love you.

- Sian

The voices started only six months ago. He was sitting at the dining-room table enjoying dinner with his family when a deep and unfamiliar voice intruded on his thoughts. He couldn't hide the sudden shock which poked his family's attention. Of course, the voice didn't stop. it was not making sense and because he was so confused and scared, it only grew louder.

With Scott being a psychologist, he knew there was something immediately wrong with his son, even when Jacob tried to cover it up. He has always been a shy and quiet character and he has always struggled with expressing himself.

Scott knew his children like the back of his own hand and he knew Jacob was struggling.

Scott was able to take his son to work with him and have a work colleague treat him as one of his patients for a while. He would never call him that which is why he passed him onto a trustworthy friend. It was best if he did not work directly with his son. Jacob needed his parents more than ever. His dad needed to be a father, not his psychologist.

Eventually, Jacob told his family about the voice and they have been very supportive, but it was hard for Grace. She felt that maybe she had been too harsh with her timid child.

Jacob's symptoms were unusual because he didn't have any. He was completely normal. He felt unusually himself and nothing for him had changed other than hearing a voice. Grace even wondered if he was doing it for attention, but he was not the kind of teenager to crave attention and he seemed truthfully scared of what was happening to him.

Grace wanted him tested on a number of medications but not a single thing worked. Jacob saw several specialists and still, nothing could help him.

Now, half a year later, the voice was still in their son's head and Grace hadn't found anything that could help.

Jacob hurried towards the car, not wanting to be late. William had taken the front seat, only so his dad could talk to him privately. He had told him to look out for his brother today. When everything happened with Jacob, William felt like it was his job as being his older brother to look after him. The most important part was that he should never treat Jacob any different.

"Have you got everything?" Scott asked when his son shut the door.


"Alright, let's go," he beamed and allowed William to choose some music.

* * * * *

When they arrived outside the college, William saw his friends and jumped out of the car, but Scott stopped Jacob.

"Hold on a second." They both waited until William had gone before turning around. "I just wanted to ask. Did you have trouble sleeping last night?"

Hesitating, Jacob nodded to say yes. He hated how his parents worried about him like this, but in reality, he was worried about himself too.

Scott understood that his son has had trouble making friends since he has started college. He distanced himself from everyone and stayed private and reserved.

"I've been thinking about prescribing you with some sleeping tablets. Now that would mean talking to Flynn, the psychiatrist, but I want to discuss it with you later about your own thoughts on it."

Jacob sighed and looked down at his hands. "I don't want them," he whispered.

"I know, but it's not fair that you're struggling to-"

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