Chapter 13

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Daiyan fixed his cuff and glanced around the room just to have a look at it not for finding someone. The designers had surely done great job and now the grand hall, the kitchen were looking exquisite without any traces of fire on them. The dinner was going smoothly but he had no idea why he was having a tiny bit of uneasiness. Maybe as he had expected, Safiya hadn't spoken about the issue at all. Means she didn't utter a single thing or query about that incident. Yes, let's not leave that she spoke for the whole distance but there was not single trace of question. When in his slip of tongue, Daiyan opened the secret related to her scarf-he was sure that Safiya would eat out his head asking every possible questions related to it. But there was none!

Why she was doing this?

He took the sip of his apple juice and turned around a little to have a look at the group of ladies, from his place he could clearly hear Safiya's excitement filled voice. 

"Means it works. Oh my! Rahul ends with L. Kirtika mam.."

And then it got followed by an excited squeal as Safiya gave a side hug to Kirtika. Didn't know why this girl was always so excited about even for the next breath she was about to take. Daiyan passed by from the group, not having a single intention of hearing their talks but it was perhaps Vishakha whose next words paused his ascending steps.

"Come Safiya, let's see the last letter of your future partner's name."

Safiya giggled, "I don't think, I will ever get married."

The group split up in crazy chuckle while she shuffled closer to Vishakha's chair. Why there was a little bubble of curiosity in him to know about Safiya's future partner? It was only her matter but why he was just stopping by to eavesdrop on them. If that little girl ever got the hint of his curiosity, Safiya would tease him fully till his death.

"So, our Safiya will get a husband whose name will end with N!"

The hall filled with claps and squeals, while Safiya gave everybody a bright smile. Husband whose name would end with N- clearly the destiny was stating that she would be a perfect wife of Mr. Aaban. Why he was fussing over it so much? As if he cared about them. 

He moved a little forward so as he was now properly looking at Safiya, there was something different about her today, at this moment. Daiyan was unable to pinpoint but as his eyes clashed with Safiya, he became stoned at his place-she was blushing. Her cheeks were painted with soft pink shade. He never thought she had some cells for blushing! Means, seriously who thought that this little havoc could blush away on such a petty thing and could look beautif- Leave it! Something was changing in his life and it was not in his hands to be in a conflict, while Daiyan was angry on Safiya for having double standards and on the other hand he was slowly accepting his defeat in front of this silly girl.

"C'mon sir, you have to try this."

Was he so engrossed that he didn't sense Safiya coming closer to him? He was drowning into some serious problem.


"Vishakha reads palm just for fun. Let's see your future partner."

Daiyan rolled his eyes at her childishness. Was it too much that he gave Safiya a ride to the venue that now he had to cope with her silly games? He shook his head and tried to move past her when his cuff got in grip of Safiya's small hand. Daiyan pursed his lips, turning his head to look at Safiya who was smiling at him mischievously. Now, what was running in this little devil's mind?

"Come sir, it's only for fun. Let's see whether your future wife's name ends with A?"

Daiyan's gut churned in a suspicious manner. What she was trying to say? Was Safiya just messing around or she was serious. Did she had any idea, her name also ended with A. Did she had any hidden intentions regarding him? But she never show any kind of interest in himself.

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