Dragon's lair✨

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Written by:-  thebeatgotsickah

Status:- completed

There is no sequel.

I love this book so much. It has so many amazing characters. I literally love all characters. I love those books where you can get connect to other characters as well as the main characters and that's what I love so much about this book. Definitely worth a try.



When I found my boyfriend is cheating on me, I did something stupid

Or should I say, someone?

Because of that mistake, I'm stuck in a world I don't belong in.

I'm a law student. They're criminals. He's the vice president of motorcycle club and I'm a good girl with a strict upbringing. He's my ex-boyfriend's brother.

And I'm screwed.

Anddddd Thank you so much!!! I just published this book yesterday(21 June 2017) and today (22 June 2017) its on #614 in random with 150+ reads and 20+ votes😍😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💖💞💟💗💗💕💝💖❤❤

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