It was the 16th of October. I went to the café earlier than usual. When I arrived, I changed into my working clothes when Jen called me.

                “Hey, what happened to you and you’re already here?” she asked.

                “I don’t know too. Something tells me I should be here.” I replied.

                “Really? And oh, did he sent you flowers again?”

                “Yeah he did. And they were my favorite- pink roses.”

                She grinned at me. “Don’t you want to meet that ‘Mystery Guy’ of yours?”

                “Of course I want to meet him. But I don’t know how.”

                “Oh God. I wasn’t the one whom he sends flowers to but I think… I’m in love with him.”

                “Jen, you don’t even know him”

                “But he’s so sweet Ash. Don’t tell me you don’t feel anything special for him.”

                I smiled. “Well, yeah he’s sweet. But I wonder when will he have the courage to actually talk to me.”

                Then, Phillip came to us. “Okay, we already have customers so stop with the chitchat.”

It’s been almost a month when this Mystery Guy showed up. He sends me flowers, letters and sweet text messages. I hope that I’ll eventually meet him.


                “Good morning. May I take your order sir?” I said and glanced to the tall and handsome customer who was wearing a blue shirt, black leather jacket, gray corduroy pants and black ray ban. He was standing next to the cashier.  He stared at me then after a while he said, “A cup of Café Latte please.”

                “Okay. Is that all sir?”

                “Yes.” Then he smiled. Actually he’s cute when he smiles.

                “Okay sir. Just wait at your table.”


                We had many customers that day. Some were lovers, some were with their friends and others were alone. Phillip gave him his order then went straight to the microphone and said, “This is a special order. To the pretty girl at the cashier…” Which was obviously me, “I would like to order for your day. Can you please take the honor to join me at my table? From the guy at the corner wearing blue shirt and a black leather jacket.”

                I looked for him and I saw the guy earlier. I looked at Phillip and said, “What are you talking about?”

                “Go to him. He’s a customer.”  He replied.

                “Ash, look, everyone’s staring at you.” Jen told me and she was right. Others are smiling while some are nodding. Okay, what is wrong with this guy? Then he suddenly said, “Come, I already paid 30 dollars for your entire day.” The he smiled.

                He paid what? Oh God. “Go now Ash.” Phillip said then Jen took my apron and pushed to the table.

                I sat down, placed my hands on the table and said, “What do you want?”

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