Book 1 Immortal Essence Series


RaShelle Workman



Exiled (Immortal Essence, Book One)

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Venus escaped her party. It’d been hailed, ‘The Celebration of the Century.’ Had they asked her opinion, she would’ve called it, ‘The Motley, Molten Party of the Month.’

No one did. 

Still, there’d been cake.  

A decadent piece balanced on a plate in one hand as she hurried down the enormous, column-filled hall toward her bedroom. Her faint footsteps bounced and echoed around her, the only sound.

At the entrance, she waved a hand over the Carania family crest. The door shimmered and vanished. She paused and peered inside. Everything looked in order. 

There’s nothing dead in there.

It was the unknown she didn’t like. Doors kept out help and could hide secrets. They allowed evil.   

“When I’m queen, I’ll banish all doorways,” she whispered fiercely. Holding her breath (for she believed that by doing so, the bad stuff, whatever that might be, would disappear before she saw it), she rushed through, moving past her bed to her vanity, where she placed the cake on top, and fell onto her overstuffed green chair.

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