Stuck on Stupid

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Devon's POV

Damn!! this girl amaury be making a  nigga loose his focus .That ass thou good lord that ass cant get enough of the caribbean girls. Tryna get the guts to go talk to her, Hell Nahh Devon you a thug u dont need guts to talk to no girl they usually fall at ur feet after two words so jus chill. "Hey lil mama."he said standing infront of amaury. "OMG! he came!! ahhh."she said in her mind. "Nuthin  jus chillin ,hbu?" she said looking up at him slowly."Same here, saw u checking me out ova there?" he said smiling, she laughed " Nahh man i wasnt u mean u were checking me out!" " Ha iight ma come let me take u on one of these rides?" he said reaching out his hand for me to hold it " Sure". She said holding his hand.

Karmen's POV

Me and my bae having so much fun he won like 3 prizes for me already."Bae come lets go on the rollercoaster please?".... she said with a puppy dog face ..." Iight hunny lets go make sure u dont throw up on me thou." she chuckled. We went on the ride twice and i was getting sick so I told josh i didnt wanna go on it anymore so we went and got some snow cones. While eating the cone i saw amaury and devon together they would make such a cute couple but I know how devon is and I dont want my new friend getting hurt.

Chris 's POV

I had lots a fun at 6 flags but it was kinda getting lame and i was already tired. " Bae you ready?" ....he said to kelly laying on his chest.. " Yeahh Im real tired." ..." Ok babe lets go then." As I said that I got up to look for amaury.

Amaury and Devon were on the merry-go- round talking and laughing. They realized that they had alot in common. " Amaury?" he said looking her in the face. "Yeah?" she said looking back at him. "Your real cool and I would like to get to know u better... May I have ur number?" ......" Awww hes such a gentleman". She said to herself " Sure i think ur pretty cool yourself". She smiled at him and they exchanged phones. After a while the ride was over and they were walking back to their friends ."Man we been looking for you guys" . Chris said. " We ready yow leggo". They all walked to the parking lot. They all said their byes and went in their cars . As amaury approched the car she heard her name and turned around it was karmen calling her she walked over. " Can I have your number?" ..." Sure". she said taking her phone.She got back to chris and they all went home.

Amaury's POV

When I got home it was about 8 . I didnt eat any dinner because I didnt feel that hungry so i just went to my room , did my hygiene and jumped in bed & watched a lil tv. I was getting sleepy so I decided to go to bed. I put my phone on charge and layed down , As I was about to fall asleep i felt my phone vibrate , It was a text from devon.

* Devon & Amaury's Text Convo*

Devon <3: Hey sweet cheeks

Amaury <3: :) nuthin much hun i was jus about to go to bed.

Devon <3: Ohh okk well imma text you tommorow then ....Sweet dreamz :*

Amaury <3: Ok sure .... Sweet dreamz :*

*End of Text Convo*

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