Secrets On Parahoy.

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A/N: I need to create a cover for this when I can. Unless someone is nice enough to make one for me. A while ago I had a few ideas for a Parahoy Tayley fanfic. I can't remember what most of them were, and what I can remember isn't very detailed and is just the basic idea. Hopefully I'll remember more details whilst writing, or I'll think of new ones. I'm typing this on my phone, so apologies for any typos or mistakes. Please comment if you want me to continue this, as if no one wants me to continue it, it won't get continued. Also if you would like to help me out with this, let me know. Helping me out would involve being emailed each chapter before it's published, and letting me know of any typos I may miss or of ways I could improve the chapter, etc etc.

~~ Hayley's P.O.V ~~

I grinned brightly to myself as I began to make my way back to my room, a bottle of fresh and cold water in my hand. I had just gotten off stage, after performing the Parahoy sail away show with some of the people I love most; those people of course being my band mates. I was looking forward to this cruise too much for words to describe, I was already loving it and it hadn't even been half a day yet.

Stopping walking when I reached one of the lifts, I took another long sip of my water after I had pressed the button. I then almost spilled the water as I jumped, a small squeal leaving my lips as hands were placed over my eyes from behind. "Guess who?!" The instantly recognizable voice exclaims, and I spun around on the spot to face the owner of the voice, despite not being able to see because of their hands.

"Taylooor! Don't do that!" I giggled after telling him not to do that again, knowing he still probably would. I gazed up at him with a smile now that he had moved his hands from my eyes.

"Sorry, not sorry, Hayles. As long as it continues to surprise you, I'm going to continue doing it." He shrugged a shoulder, grinning down at me almost cheekily.

"Hmph. That doesn't surprise me." I pouted, pretending to be all mad and sulky about it when really, I wasn't at all. If I was honest with myself, I kind of liked or maybe loved when he surprised me like that, even though it was rather annoying sometimes; most of the time.

The lift doors opened and I stepped into the lift, Taylor speaking as he followed me. He seemed to pause though before starting to speak, which I found slightly odd but didn't question it.

"Hey hey, please don't be like that. You know I never mean any harm and only do it 'cause we're friends.." I noticed a frown had formed on his lips, and I couldn't stop myself from laughing softly.

Shaking my head just the once, I nudged him playfully. "Awh, Tay. You know I'm only pretending!" My actions and words earned me a nudge back and a glare which I could tell was fake, although he was oddly silent. I raised my eyebrows at him, but didn't ask anything.

As the lift reached the floor our cabins are on, I stepped out of the lift with him. "See ya later on, Tbear!" I used one of my personal nicknames for him, and gave him a wave as I then turned to walk in the opposite direction to him. My cabin was at one end of the hallway whilst his was at the other, hence why we were now going in seperate directions. Reaching my cabin and unlocking the door, I tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear and walked inside, placing my bottled water down I headed straight into the bathroom to shower.

A/N: This is only my second attempt at a fic in a long long while, I apologize if it sucks. This chapter's kind of just to get things started and doesn't really involve the secrets at all. The secrets are very obvious anyway, oops. Again, please comment if you want me to continue, vote if you like it, and comment if you have any ideas or want to help me with it. And thank you to anyone who reads! :)

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