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Ravens POV
was sitting in my cabing reading when i heard the familiar clash of swords rang into my ears , what was going on ? , was Hook fighing with the crew , i sat quietly trying to figure out what was happening , the ship was silent besides a evil laugh i didnt reconise . i put the book on the bed and began walking to the door. when i reached the door i saw the crew surrounded and hook at the end of Pan's sword . anger becan to grow inside me i needed to think of a way to get to a sword and fight Pan , i opened the door just wide enough that i could slip out ,pan was a few feet infront of me but was facing hook , no one seemed to notice so i began to make my way over to the other side of the ship where a sword had been left . i had just passed Pan when the floor creaked . i prayed he hadnt herd me but in one motion he grabbed my arm, pulled me back causing me to spin slightly , crashing against him . he held me in place with one hand around my waist and with the other he held a sword against my neck..
Now i am being dragged by the lost boys through the heart of neverland. Pan followed directly behind

i could see the smug look on his face , and i hated it . i hated everything about him , Hook's told me all the things he's done . he even managed to trick a boy into giving up his heart so he could live forever, he's sick . "Boys, continue back to camp " i heard Pan shout " I am sorting out precautions " he said looking over to me " make sure she dosnt escape " . and with that he was gone , and we were back on track for camp. pushing through the bushes we arrived at a opening , in the middle stood a giant fire with logs scattered around it and tents all different sizes. to the right i saw a part of a large oak tree , the branches and leaves covering what looked like a window , reflecting the suns light, if there's a window i thought to myself , there's a door. one of the lost boys shuved me to the ground and the ground came up to meet me , i winced as the leaves and braches scratched and cut away beneath me. on my knees's stugaling to get up i was then dragged by the back of my collar to a tree with my legs trailing begind catching on bushes and thornes. th lost boy swung my back against the tree and i winced once more . another lost boy came and helped the first to tie me to the tree , the rope cutting into my stomach and neck. once making sure it was secure they left .

Felix's POV
i saw Pan take Ravne when we were on Hooks ship , of all the things on Hook's ship he took her. Pan's cunning so what ever reason he took her its going to leave her empty and broken . And there's no way out of it now, when hook first took Raven i was confused as to why and wanted her back , but as time went on i realised Hook saved her , Pan was only ever going to try and control her , like he's done with all of us . Pan would have killed her , and he wont hesataite to do it now that she's here . To be honest if he does kill her it will be better then spending her life here . and even if she did escape back to Hook's ship , he'll just come after her again.
when Pan brought Raven back onto the island , i followed behind them and made sure they didnt see, she looked worn , and thin . she hadnt been here long but neverland was already taking affect on her .

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