~Chapter Five:Would You Ever Love Him?~

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Ryan's POV


So far I am extremely worried for the reunion of Justin and Lily especially with the way shes been talking about him. She doesn't exactly seem like a fan I wonder why she was at his concert tonight then and hopefully this means that I get a chance with her, I mean she's a beautiful girl and any guy and or girl would be lucky to have her. I just think it's unfair that Justin get her because he want her.

"Lily. I need to ask you something." I said hoping that she would let me and would answer my question "Yeah what's up Ryan?" Lily answered seeming nervous as to what I was about to say to her "Why are you so against Justin?" I asked hoping that once I knew I could change her mind and warn him of what he needs to do too change himself for her. "It's not so much that I don't like him. It's more that he could have any girl that he wants and out of all of them he's chosen me, he had Selena Gomez one of the most gorgeous woman to ever walk this planet and he then chooses me. Over every single woman on this planet he's chosen me a weird nobody who obsessed with dogs and only goes out her house when absolutely necessary." Lily answered seeming shocked at herself from her sudden outburst. "Do you think that you could ever love him?" I asked her putting emphasis on the word love "Honestly Ryan it's never crossed my mind, maybe you should ask me this when I've met him properly and know the real him not the one that is shown in the media." She told me with a smile that for once in all the hours I've known her didn't seem forced. "Well at least give him a try I know that he will appreciate it." I told Lily with a smile on my face this girl seems to just make me smile.

Justin's POV


I ended up making it the hotel late last night which meant that I couldn't see Lily as Ryan decided it would be best for him to keep her in her room. However, today I get to spend the entire day just me and her and I cannot wait. I may sound like a massive girl but I don't care I get to spend some time with the girl who makes my heart race, walking out of my hotel room I made sure my pace was fast just to ensure that I could get to Ryan's rooms as quickly as possible as it would allow me too see my princess faster.  Once at Ryan's door I knocked on the door eagerly "Hey bro." Ryan said when he opened the door "Is she awake?" I asked excited for my day with the beautiful girl who was now mine "Yeah she's up." Ryan said seeming nervous which caused me to become more irritated then I should be "Well can I come in?" I asked showing that I was irritated with Ryan for keeping me from my girl for longer than necessary.

I watched as Lily paced around the living room making me anxious as I think she hate me. Building up enough courage I pushed the door open enough so that she knew somebody was there, she slowly turned around looking at me with the most adorable confused face. "Hey beautiful." I said nervously also throwing in a compliment so that she would be less angry with me. "Why did you kidnap me?" Lily asked me getting straight to the point which shocked me and made me realise that I had no valid answer that wouldn't make her hate me, meaning there was a long silence after that question. "I hope Ryan didn't annoy you too much. I know he's a bit of a talker." I said to her avoiding her question and praying that she would let me avoid her question "No in all honestly we've had loads of fun he's made feel less anxious and annoyed about this entire situation and has provided me with a new friend." Lily answered cheerfully with a genuine smile on her face "That awesome, I'm glad you've got a new friend and would you maybe want to join me for something to eat?"  I asked hoping I would be able to take her out just the two of us so that we could get to know each other better, since we barely knew anything about one another. "No I'm fine, I say we just order in as the look on your face suggests that you don't exactly trust the idea of us going out in public and I also don't like many of the restaurants around here." Lily answered me not seeming at all bothered that I didn't want her leaving the hotel.

"Honestly Lily I'm really sorry that I've made it that obvious I just think that it's going too take some time for me too fully trust you in public. As it will also take you some time too trust me in general." I said hoping that it wouldn't affect us from making any type of progress today "It's fine, I understand." Lily said with a smile that lit up the entire room.

With that we began to decide what to order and made a plan for our day together. "I was thinking food and then a movie." I suggested with a smile "I'll agree to a movie and food as long as there are some sugary snack while we watch this film." Lily said bargaining with me "Deal." And with that our day together had officially begun and it had started happily which is hopefully how all our days together will be.

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