First Day

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Kylie Banks - Raylee

Della Daniels - 

Chase Pollock- fictional

Ashton Sosa - fictional

Jackson (Jax) Black- Mark

Laura Chapman - Mrs. Chapman


Mckenzie Preston - Bailey

Hanna Carpenter - Tori

Jill Banks - Mom 


Erica Brewer - Amanda

Cassie Ray - Amber

Denver Price - Anthony


Chris Wolfe - Fran

Drew Daniels 

Ron Banks - Sir

Micah Mccann - Seth


Beth O’brien - Haley

Rhyder Banks - Rhyder

Point Of View (POV): Kylie Banks

Today marks the second week of me being a vampire. Chase taught me how to hunt and use vampire speed yesterday. It took awhile but I eventually got the hang of it. I ate less than twelve hours ago but I'm starving, my throat is burning; it's like there's a fire burning inside me. Chase said I can go back to school today, now that I can control my thirst, I feel bad for Della though, she's out for another week, or at least until she can control her thirst.

My alarm screamed and I rolled out of bed and grabbed a random shirt out of my dresser and pulled on a pair of Levi's.

Great way to return to school huh? To be honest I don't want to go, I can't stop thinking about the fact that I, Kylie Banks am a vampire. The things my dad has been hunting his whole life. The things he tried to teach me to fear, though it didn't work I guess because I'm dating one. There's just something about them that draws me in, maybe it's their piercing glares, or the way they take control. I don't know what is; all I know now is I'm a vampire because Logan and I decided we want to spend the rest of our lives together (in this case eternity). I can't handle Logan and I being vampires alone, so I had him turn my best friend Della too. Dad had no idea that I had turned. Mom did though, only because Della told her; I can't blame her because we tell her everything, but sometimes she needs to know when to shut up. It's funny that dad says he's such a good vampire hunter but he had no idea that Chase was one and he's over all the time. Now he has three Vamps roaming around the house and he still has no idea.

My eccentric train of thought suddenly disappeared by the sound of mom calling up the stairs,

"Kylie! Chase is here."

"Coming," I snatched my phone off the charger, flicked off the light in my room and nearly fell down the stairs backpack and all, ready for school, "Bye mom" I fixed my hair, straightened my camouflage blouse, then headed for the door.

"Bye honey," she replied has she gave me a hug "control that thirst ok, I know you're hungry, try and stop for breakfast on the way to school." She whispered in my ear.

I nodded, then flew out the door, trotted over to the passenger side of Chase's 54 Chevy and slid in to the worn out leather seats.

"Hey doll." He said leaning over to give me a kiss.

"Hey... I'm starving, you don't have any, do you?" 

"No, but that's why we're going to get Della, so we can get some from the Red Cross Blood Bank."

"Oh alright," I replied, turning up the country station. When 'Pink Guitar' by Reba McEntire started playing I had no choice but to sing along. We were in the car for about five minutes before we pulled up outside Della's house.

"Will you go get her?" He asked

"Just honk the horn." I laughed.

"Oh c'mon, go get her!"

"Fine." I sighed. 

I unbuckled my seatbelt, opened the door to the car, ran around to the back of her house and then pounded as hard as I could on her back door.

"Coming." Della responded seeming surprised as she opened the door.

"C'mon Dell, we're getting breakfast!" I laughed.

"Thank God! I'm starving, where are we going?" She questioned.

"The Red Cross Blood Bank" I whispered just in case her parents were home.

"Yes! Ok let's go!" Della squealed as she stepped outside and shut the front door.

We both walked back around to the front of her house where we both got in Chase's car. The three of us rode in silence because our throats were burning from the blood withdrawal and Della and I weren't used to it. Finally, the silence was broken.

"We're here," Chase smiled as he pulled into the Red Cross Blood Bank's parking lot, "...and Dell, let me do the talking."

We walked up to the back of the Blood Bank and up this stone path until we reached a huge black door that Chase knocked on. A tall man dressed in a suit appeared in the doorway.

"Mhm. Hello, Mr. Cooper, do you have something for us?" He asked smoothly.

"One moment please." He said as the door slammed and he disappeared into the Blood Bank once again.

Chase, Della and I stood there for a few minutes until Mr. Cooper returned with a brown box, a big brown box.

"Take these, five for each of you, that'll last a few weeks," Mr. Cooper nodded. 

"Thank you." Logan replied.

"Thank you Mr. Cooper." Della winked at him, and bit her lip.

I can't believe it, my best friend has the hots for our blood guy; a guy my mom works with, and not to mention an old guy, he's like fifty! WHAT THE HELL! I decided to keep that conversation topic in my head until later.

We walked back to the car, with the box and we each drank a bag of blood.

"That was refreshing," Della said

"Tell me about it." I laughed in concurrence. 

"Ok now we have to go to school so chew this." Logan declared handing us gum so our breath wouldn't smell like the thick, rich liquid that we just chugged.

"I thought I wasn't going to school?" Della asked and raised an eyebrow. 

"You've proven yourself, you can go."

"Yes!!" Della and I squealed then proceeded to high five. 

Chase started up his classic car once again and drove us back to school; once we pulled into a parking spot he shut off the car and we just sat there for a few minutes. 

"Here goes nothing!" I said once we got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance of our high school.

"Can't you sense that this is going to be such a great day?" Della said sarcastically. 

"Ha, yeah, just 'cause of a stupid misunderstanding." I replied.

"It will be okay babe." Chase reassured me by wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me in for a final kiss before we entered the Public Display of Affection Free Zone of Samson high school, home of the panthers. 

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