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I ran down the hall at lightning speed, Praying I wouldn’t get detention. I wasn’t exactly late... just... early for my second class.

I skidded past the classroom door in a panic, then traced my steps back and looked into the classroom. All sixteen seats were empty, and you could practically see the tumbleweed rolling across the floor.

I was so intent on getting to class, that I didn’t even look around the school. Where was everybody?

“Hello? Anybody here?” I asked, well... no one, as I walked down the halls, looking into every room. It was like a ghost town... 

I leaned against a wall and slid to the floor after searching the football field, basketball court, Girls’ locker room, and, since nobody seemed to be here, the Boys’ locker room. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip!

“A PERSON!!!!!!”

The random voice coming from nowhere snapped me out of my ‘zone’. “What the-? Who’s there??”

“Over here!!”

“Oh yeah. That helps a lot.” I said sarcastically as I looked around. 

“Wait. Sorry. UP here.”

I looked up to see, none other than-, “Kenji??? What are you doing up there?? And... where is everyone?”

Kenji hopped down from the pipes he was hanging on, “No clue and no clue.”


“I thought I was the last person in the world! Oh, Risa~chan! It’s so good to see a living human being! With blood and everything!” He said over-dramatically as he threw his arms around me in a hug.

“Stupid. If I didn’t have blood, I wouldn’t be a living human being.”

Kenji stepped back and sniffled slightly, wiping his eyes, “I couldn’t find my mom, or my dad, or your mom, or your dad, or Isao’s mom, or Isao’s dad, or-”

“Did you go into everyone’s houses searching for people??”

He looked to the side, then glanced back at me, “... maybe...”

He scares me sometimes.... “How did you even get into my house?”

Kenji smoothed back his hair, leaning against the wall, “I used my super awesome ninja and martial arts skills to kick the door down.”

“You used the key in the fake rock, didn’t you?”

“... So, ANYWAYS......”

“Listen, Kenji. This is no time to be joking around! We need to find out where everyone went!”

Suddenly, a cool breeze rolled in and there was a flash of blinding white light.

I stumbled back into Kenji as someone bumped into me, “Hey! Watch it!” 

As the white light faded away, people appeared.

“What the-?”

   Kenji took my arm and pulled me down the hall, “We’ll figure out what happened later. Okay, Risa-chan? Right now, we just need to get to class to make sure we don’t get detention.”


When we got to class, sure enough, everyone was there. What had happened?

“Risa and Kenji... if you would be so kind as to join us...”

I looked up at the teacher, Mr. Smith, “Uh....” I walked in and sat down with Kenji following closely behind.

“Class, I would like you to welcome a new student.”

I looked up to see a tall boy, I’d say somewhere around 6’. He had dark brown, almost black hair and brown eyes. His skin tone? Somewhat of a tan color. Over all? The guy any girl would fall head over heels for. He had it all. The good looks, the great smile, the height. Everything.

“Risa.” I looked over to see Kenji looking at me, “If you keep staring at him like that, you’ll bore a hole through his head.”

I was staring? ... 

“I was not staring.”


“Toshiro, please have a seat.”

I looked around to see what seats were open. My eyes landed on the seat right next to me. Oh boy... I would never hear the end of this from Kenji...

A hand rested on the back of the chair. It looked strong, yet... gentle. If that makes any sense at all.

“May I sit here?”

I looked up to see the one guy, Toshiro, was it?, right next to me, “Um... Yeah. I mean, no one else is there.”

He smiled lightly.

“What she means is, Sit down before she has to pull you into the chair.”

My eyes widened slightly before I looked over at Kenji with a glare.

Kenji laughed it off. Sometimes, I don’t even know why I hang out with him...

“That seat is right next to the wall, though.” I mentioned quickly.

“As long as I can sit next to a beautiful girl, I have no problem with the wall.” He replied as he sat down.

“...” Eep....

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