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                 25. The consequences of intimacy.

 “He wanted to ask her what sound a heart made when it broke from pleasure, when just the sight of someone filled you the way food, blood, and air never could, when you felt as if you'd been born for only one moment and this, for whatever reason, was it.” 

Dennis Lehanne, Shutter Island

Two heartbeats next to each other, racing, competing, craving. Here we go again. She was in the King’s personal bedroom and strangely enough, everything was absolutely familiar, the essence of wood, the heavy curtains, his overwhelming scent… She had tried to exorcize, to lock all those things away from her heart, but they were coming back to her so unexpectedly.

“It’s like you’ve never left, isn’t it?” He murmured like he had read her thoughts. He had dragged her from the corridors of the fourth floor, inside his bedroom and now, he had her pinned between his body and the heavy ebony door. He had placed his hands on the expensive wood, trapping her. Their breathing was coordinated in the same erratic tune.

“We can’t,” Roselyn whispered exasperated. “I should go.”

 “No babe, I can’t leave you alone tonight. You need me.”

Without braking eye- contact, he rubbed her soft cheek and then it descended lower, at the base of her neck. Roselyn was panting, unable to control the tingling sensation in the cells of her whole body.

‘What have you done to me?” he asked slowly like a mystified worshipper. “You are a temptress. A goddess. You belong to me, exclusively to me. You’re my queen. Not theirs. Mine.”

The man in front of her seemed vulnerable. It was sure that if she had asked him the throne for herself or the whole treasures of the kingdom, he would give her everything.

“Your heart is pounding so fast,” she observed. “You want only to fulfill your desire.” 

“It’s not just desire, Rose. It’s us,” he whispered and immediately felt her brown eyes piercing at him intently, like demanding an untold truth.

“If I stay, you will harm me…. Physically this time…”

Her words caused him to gape and to open his eyes, like he had been offended and insulted.

“I would never…. Don’t be afraid of me, please. Relax. Nobody gets hurt. Have I ever done that before? Have I disrespected you?”

She nodded negatively. As a partner, he was always caring and affectionate. He had never done something disrespectful during their personal moments. On the contrary, he was putting her needs above his.

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