Boredom is Over

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Amaury's POV

"Its been 2 days since I've been here and its pretty boring. I need some new friends". Amaury thought to herself. " Wait a mintue what about chris I totally forgot he moved up here lemme go hit hm up on facebook." she said while grabbing her phone.

*FB Convo*

Amaury: Hey Bro im in NYC for the summer and pretty bored need fun right nw cause u knw how I hate being bored ...

Chris: Really Mar ?? and your telling me now lol smh where in NYC you @??

Amaury: Brooklyn.... 182 Dolphin Street.

Chris: OMG!! I live like 3 blocks away from you get ready Im taking you out meet my peeps ,I'll be there in 20 minutes.

Amaury: Kk Bro so glad , your saving me from my misery :).

*End of FB Convo*

I got up and went in my closet to pick out my outfit ,I choose my acid wash high waisted pants with a white v-neck tank top, with my tan tim's , my gold 'sexy ' chain & my pair of gold bow earrings then headed to the shower. After i got out i moisterized and got ma clothes on.I put my hair up in a messy bun and sprayed my nicki minaj 'pink friday' perfume. I dont like wearing alot of make up so i jus put on some BB creame , no eye make up and jus some red lips.I grabbed my purse and headed down stairs to tell my grandma my plans.

After like 3 minutes I heard chris's horn , I told my grandmother bye and walked out the house. When i stepped outside I was in shocked ,chris was driving an all white mercedeces damn the car was fine.He stepped out and gave me a big hug and opened the door for me he was such a gentleman. "Wassup ma i missed yuh ass" chris said. " Nuthin much" she said giggling" just been here bored I thought i wouldnt have any friends until i remembered that u moved up here i was like thank god". she said laughing. "Well Mar imma mek sure you have the time of ur life her". he said as he pulled up to the parking lot of '6 flags' .Where I saw a group of people like they were waiting for us I figured they were chris's friends . We walked over to them and he said "hey " they all said hey back in a union."Hey guys this my friend Amaury from jamaica , Amaury meet josh ,devon, karmen and kelly". He said pointing towards them. "Hey yall". I said in a kind a nervous way the all said hey back. After we all met each other we paid to go in and started walking and talking .I started gravitating towards karmen she was real funny and cool. I was enjoying myself for the first time since I've been in NYC. Chris was playing a ball throwing game and won to stuffed animals one for me and his girlfriend kelly , He is such a sweet heart .

Throughout the day I've been watching chris's friend devon he was FINNNNEEEEEE!! All caps ,His skin was so smooth ,HIs arms were so buff ,His abs were on point, His lips OMG! his lips were soo sexy!.... Just his presents was turning me on , I hope he didnt see me checking him out. I hope he talks to me.

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