He Treats You Bad In Front Of The Boys

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He Treats You Bad In Front Of The Boys


Calum: You and Calum were out at a bar/restaurant with the guys and some of their friends from school and you had met up with a few of your friends as well. After half an hour of sitting at the bar, you decide to order your first alcoholic drink that you've had in a while. You were sitting at one end of the bar with your friends and Calum and guys were at the other end of the bar. You looked over to see him laughing at something that Michael said and you smiled to yourself. Before long, your friends had to leave. When they did, you walked over to Calum and wrapped your arms around him.

"Hey Cal, what are you guys talking about?" You ask kindly, smiling up at him.

"Sports stuff, (Y/N). You wouldn't understand. Go back to your girly drink over there." He nearly paid no attention to you and all of the guys laughed, except Luke. He saw the hurt in your eyes as you fake laughed to make sure Calum didn't know that he had hurt you. You did just what Calum said, and finished off your drink. Your blood was boiling. How could he just humiliate you like that in front of everyone? So what if you like fruity drinks, did it really matter? Before your anger got the better of you, you decided to go home.

"I'm heading home Cal. See you there." You say dully, not giving him kiss.

"Where's my goodbye kiss?" He asked, puckering his lips. You ignored him and turned, heading for the door. When you got to your car, you quickly started it and pulled out to prevent Calum from following you.


Luke: You were sick all week, and Luke had been taking excellent care of you, getting whatever you desired. By the time that Saturday came, you still could hardly talk because of your throat and Luke asked if they boys could come over and watch the soccer game with him. You of course agreed, as long as they were quiet so that you could get your much needed rest.

"Of course we wil babe. Thank you, you're the best. I love you." He said, kissing your cheek. The boys soon arrived and the house practically shook with all of the thundering cheers and jumping around that they were doing. You got up to get something to drink because your throat was killing you. You had also developed a massive headache so you searched the kitchen for the Advil and painfully swallowed two tablets. The boys had been drinking and there was a large box of pizza in the middle of the table.

"Hey babe do you guys mind keeping it down? I'm super tired." You yawn, even that was painful for you.

"No." He said shortly, annoyed.

"Please babe I'm exhausted." You beg quietly, you couldn't talk loudly.

"Of course we will, sorry we're keeping you up." Ashton answered for Luke, and Luke looked pissed.

"No, we're here watching a soccer game and we'll be loud if we want. You can't just come down here and boss us around. This is my apartment too, I can be as loud as I want to. Stop being so damned controlling." He practically screamed in your face.

"Damn, I only I asked it's not like I came down and demanded that you're silent!" You say as loud as you can manage, and stomp up the steps with a tear falling down your cheek.


Ashton: You were getting breakfast with the boys and you were talking to Ashton but you got the feeling that he wasn't listening, and he was staring at something in the distance.

"Ash, you listening?" You ask, waving your hand in front of his face. He looked at you angrily.

"What do you want?!" He snapped, surprising everyone.

"Y-you just seemed distant so I asked if you heard me.." You say, still surprised that he snapped at you like that.

"I don't have to listen to everything that you say, Christ." He said, violently taking a bite out of his food. You frowned and stood up.

"I'll b-be right back." You say quietly, walking off the the bathroom and locking yourself in the small, cramped stall. They were the kind of stalls that went from ceiling to floor so no one would see that you were sitting on the floor. You thought about how weak you probably seemed, coming into the bathroom to cry because your boyfriend yelled at you so you quickly stood up and fixed your make up before returning to the table with the boys.


Michael: "Babe I haven't seen you in forever and you're leaving me?" You ask, hurt. You felt bad about wanting Michael to yourself when you knew that the boys were excited to go out, even though they just spent an entire tour together.

"Yeah, I am. Have fun." He said shortly.

"Michael please stay. You just got back and now you're going out and leaving me by myself." You say, grabbing ahold of his arm. He roughly yanked it away from you, and all of the boys were watching in silence.

"God damn (Y/N) I'm going out and you can stay and mope by yourself! I work so hard, I deserve a day of going out with my friends!" He yelled. Your face fell and you looked down.

"I just want to spend time with you." You say, wiping your eyes to collect the tears that had fallen. He looked even more annoyed.

"Don't try to guilt trip me into staying with you. Just because you're crying doesn't mean anything. Let's go boys." He said, making you cry even more. Ashton shook his head and pointed to you as you ran upstairs in tears.

"You just made your girlfriend cry because she loves you and wants to spend time with you. Go up and apologize, and bring her with us or stay here. She deserves to spend time with you more than us, we just finished a tour so we saw each other. Now go." He said, shoving him up the steps.


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