the heist

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Peters POV
I was interupted whilst playing the panflute when felix walked over to me .
" were ready " he had his hood up that covered half of his face , but his scar was still visiable as well as the mischeif in his eyes " looks like what ever you said to Cubby earlier got them motivated " he continued .
"nothing like a bit of fear, you see felix , its easier to get people to help by making them fear it , rather then believe in it " i replied to felix a smark sneeking onto my face.
i walked over to where the lost boys had been working , and saw all kinds of asortments of weapons , ranging from the clasical sword to the cross bow with arrows dipped in night shade.

Ravens POV
climbing on the mast i heard Hook call up to me to be careful , in that moment of distraction i lost my footing and fell, holding onto the mast i began to laugh uncontrolably and couldnt hold on , my hands slipped and i began to fall grabbing onto anything i could , one of my hands found a loose rope , i hang onto it as it swung across the ship . i sailed through the air , letting go i jumped next to hook "well thats one way to get down" he said smirking " come on , go to your quarters and lay down for a minute" i did as i was told and walked into my cabin . i picked up a book , sat on my bed and began to read

Hooks POV
Raven dosnt half get herself into difficult situations but some how she never seems to get herself hurt , always worming her way out . coimng out of my thoughts i realised the crew had gone quiet, i turned around to see Pan standing behind me , he looked awfully smug with himself , this made me nervous. " Pan what a unplesent surprise " i greeted him. "as always" he returned . " so what is it that brings you on the Jolly Roger mate ?"
"well, you see Hook, you've got something of mine and i want it back" Pan began walking around the ship as he spoke , fidaling with small objects and tapping on the wood.
" ah yes, but you also took something of mine that i want , but unfortunatly you cant give it to me"
"and what might that be , maybe we can make a trade?" Pan questioned
" my hand, and since you are no longer in posetion of it mate , there cannot be a traid "
" then i guess ill have to get what i want the fun way... COME ON BOYS " Pan yelled as lost boys appeared from there hiding places , all with weapons and all having the eyes on different crew members .
whilst Pan was laughing to himself , having us surrounded i took out my sword and swung for him , all the crew noticed what i was doing and in one swift moment chaos was released , the ship was in a frenzy of lost boys fighting pirates and men fighting boys . Pan's technique was nothing like i had seen before , one moment he was infront of me the next he was behind, i was infuriated with this boy , forever he had taken what ws mine , made me feel to be a coward , but not this time mate , this time i would be victorious against the devil . "hold your groung men , its not boys were dealing with here, its deamons " i ordered the crew . with ever action , every time our blades crashed against one another the strength needed not to give way increased as our determination did. "considering how old you are , you fight well " Pan tried to make me feel weak next to him " what ever happened to that girl i saw you with all those years ago , jet black hair , small , she looks fertile why dont you leave Neverland and start a family with her " Pan remarked , reminding me about Ravens mother and how she died. i lashed my anger out of Pan with every swing of my sword he took a step back. "Hook" i heard a voice yell from behind me , my men had been surrounded by the lost boys. another sound made me turn back towards Pan , it was muffled and high pitched , when i turned around i saw Pan with Raven in his grip and a sword to her neck , "Raven " i shouted , the words escaping from my mouth, " looks like you've lost" Pan said smirking and raising and eyebrow, i fingered my sword feeling the gravings " oh , and dont try to come and find us or the tressure , or this one gets it " Pan said bringing his knife closer to her neck , she flinched at the sight of it , closing her eyes and turning her head. " A wonderful plant, nightshade , how in seconds it can penintrate your body entering your blood stream and with in a matter of hours her body will be lying on the floor dead, and she will become nothing more then a memory " it wasnt just that Pan was willing to kill Raven to spite me but also without her i would never have a chance at destroying Pan , like this again " and i am sure Raven already knows all of this , i warned her not to go near it the first time we met "
"Alright! thats enough, " i said in defeat "let Raven and my crew go and you can have your tressure "
"ohhh , now you say that,,, i am not sure i want to " with an evil cackle the mist usuallu on the waves , surrouned the ship , so no one could see when it was finallu clear , the lost boys and Pan were gone ,,,,, so was Raven

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