Come on, boys, I actually have somewhere I need to be.

I was never one to rush the team up to take off their uniforms and get them in the bin so I could leave, but right now I really felt like rushing them out so I could get to Harry in the laundry room. There was something about how sneaky he was acting that got me curious, as well as anxious, to see as to why he was being like this. It was a complete turn around from the start of our practice together and I should have thought more about it 

After Harry had turned the corner and out of my sight, I had to swallow back this huge lump that had formed in my throat and my feet felt like they have been weighted down so I wasn't allowed to move. I wasn't allowed to willingly follow him. 

Now, I was just impatiently waiting around the linen bin for these boys who thought they were so superior to me. Maybe Harry had lied to me and found out about what happened early so he wanted to help me with the laundry so he could ruin their uniforms somehow. I have no idea really if Harry is even a diabolical plotter but he had me on my toes. 

I felt the need to roll the cart up through the change room to see if anyone was actually finished getting dressed but I knew that the boys were still angry at me for whatever rumours were created. I bet that it was one of them that started it anyway. Plus, I didn't need to hear their gay jokes about me only checking the aisles to see if they had their clothes off or not. The boys were fit and all but I only had those wandering eyes for Harry. 

And it's sure been a while since you've seen him changing.

I do miss it. 

Me too. You don't think about it anymore either. It's a bit sad.

No, this entire conversation is sad.

I shook my head when I heard another pair of jerseys and shorts join the small heap in the bin. I couldn't help but to look up and see Michael. He remained standing in front of me with the hands in the pockets of his zipped sweatshirt. I guess the only thing I do was stare back at him and wait for him to say whatever it was that he was finding it hard to. At least, I assumed he was trying to talk to me and if he wasn't I'd feel much better if he had just walked away. 

You used to be the same way with Harry.

But not anymore and shush! 

Michael let out a breathy sigh. "Listen, Horan, I'm sorry about what I said this morning, alright?" He looked over both of his shoulders carefully before looking to me again. "It's just that the guys, we're, jut stressed out since what happened. It effects us too, you know?" He told me before he gave me a short nod. 

"Yeah, I get it." I said quietly as I glanced down to the floor and then back up. 

I knew that losing Harry and then Louis, Zayn, and Liam all at once was a major setback for all of the boys and I didn't really think about them at all when I made my decisions to come clean. Luckily, two of their starting players will be returning in just a few days. 

"And I don't know what's going on with you and Harry but thanks for helping him out." Michael told me before he left and I smiled to myself for a moment because I felt a bit more appreciated than I have ever been by the team. It wasn't much but it felt like I had just received a sincere apology and I didn't question it at all because my mind was still rushing to get myself out of the change room. 

Once I had finally finished getting out of there I forced myself to not practically run to the change room because nobody needed to know that I was a water boy on a mission to meet the star in the laundry room, which was starting to sound like one of my dirty fantasies. 

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