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After The lesson i was thinking about the " meeting" with me and Justin . I am really Scared of The words that em said to me , i have No idea why i Said yes to Him . Maybe His not even that bad as people see him or idk , Yolo lmao

" Hey kristen " Justin said infront of me

" um H-hi "

" so.. Are you ready..."?

Ready to what?! Holy NO way

" kristen?! Kristen! Are u there"

" oh, im sorry what did u say?.."

Are u ready to go ..? He asks

But we haven't end , i can't skip lessons i lied

" don't worry i Told ur teacher u felt sick and got home"

Wait what? Justin you can't just lie like that to My teacher

" That's exactly what i did , now let's go"

He took My hand and walked away

My heart is beating super fast , i feel The dangerous line that if i go over The line Something Will happen me.

Are afraid of me? He asks as he looks back

N-no why would i huh?

Nevermind he mumbled

After about 3 min silence i asked him

Where are we going?



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