Chapter 1.

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Authors note: I no this is a short story but I had this really good idea for a story but it didn't turn out as well as I thought it would but I hope you like it xx

It is years after the rebellion and I am expecting, I found out a few days ago that I am having a baby girl. peeta still has flashbacks from the hijacking and I still get nightmares most nights.

It took five, ten, fifteen years for me to agree but peeta wanted to have a child so badly. I finally agreed because peeta has been though so much in the past few years and as haymich said back before the quarter quell, that I could live a hundred life times and never deserve him he is right though. I never wanted kids before because I didn't want them to go to the reapings and maybe get picked. I didn't want them to go though what me and peeta hat to go though with. now though after the rebellion there is no more games. the arenas have been completely destroyed the memorials built there is no more games, but they teach about them in school and when she goes to school she will learn about the games. but now thankfully she will never have to go though what I went though. she will no about how me and peeta played a part in them, and one day we will have to explain and my nightmares and peeta flashbacks why they came why they won't ever really go away.

Authors note: sorry that this chapter is really short but I hope u like it please remember to vote comment and share.

hope u noticed how I used bits from the ending I mockingjay :D x

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