<3 The Story of Jack Frost and Elsa <3

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The story of Jack Frost and Queen Elsa. (JF-Legend of the Guardians; QE-Frozen)


They knew each other for a couple of months before and a while afterElsa’s power started up. Then jack and his family had to move away. He died while trying to save his sister while they were ice skating. The news went everywhere about how a young boy named Jack risked his life to save his sister and died so she could live. Elsa found out, and not long after, her powers started to get more out of control.  Anna can’t see him. And Jack won’t tell Elsa he loves her because he knows one day she’ll die, but he won’t. And he gets into some trouble, that the only way to save him is for Elsa to forget and stop believing in Jack Frost.

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