Cecilian Secrets

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The ship floated slowly down towards shore as seagulls flew overhead, the vultures would not be too far behind. You see, we were carrying the bodies of the merpeople who had died in battle. The Cecilians and Atlantians had been at war for ages and the gods were angry. They were given a choice, marry the Atlantian princess to the Cecilian prince in efforts to bring their societies closer or perish.

We were coming to neutral territory to bring the Atlantians their dead for proper burial and to work out the details of the marriage. We had brought the prince, Nicoli, along to meet his future bride.

Nicoli was a tall, muscular young man with light brown hair and piercing green eyes. He also had a secret that nobody but him and his trainer knew. Nicoli was a werewolf. The gods knew of this and wanted to create a new race to save the world from and imminent threat.

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