second sad encounter

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This second encounter took place in a far less beautiful place then the beach where we had first met. Two months have passed in which Rosemarie has been poked and prodded by the searching needles of the hospitals as they tried to search for the cancer that was no longer there.

Not once had Rosemarie let the memory of the boy who appeared before her to confess that he was supposed to take her soul slip. Only she wondered why? Why had he spared her soul and not every other soul of someone who had more to live for than she did. She would never forget him and she soon found out that that would come in handy.

Rosemarie walked into the house slowly, watching the hot mass of bodies rub together on the dance floor to some boppy music she didn't know the words to. Lights hanging from the ceiling spit out rainbow colored dots all.over the room. She suffocated on the smell of alcohol and cigarettes. A rotten odor that penetrated her stomach.

A blonde head gravitated through the room an over to the spot she was standing in. She smiled at the sight of Jordan dressed in her pink stockings,yellow skirt and black top. A flashy look that somehow suited her well an made her popular. "Well well well, look who the cat dragged in." She motioned to the rain soaked blue knitted seater and torn jeans that clung to Rosemaries chilly body. "Come on let's get you dried off."

Jordan grabbed her arm and pulled her off into a wide bathroom with green tiled flooring and a large mirror encasing half of the wall. She looked at herself. Since the meeting with death she had grown healthy. Her skin had regained most of the color lost and her hair much more vibrant and long. Her eyes were bright and large against cheeks that were once hollow but now plump and full with a tingle of red on the apples. She lifted her sweater and saw that her stomach had more meat to the parts that were eaten away by the cancer and taut with more muscle.

She twirled off her close and Jordan brought a hairdryer to blow off the cold chill. Grinning, Jordan stood up and motioned back to the door. "You can't stay hidden in here forever. Sadness will ruin your life which is why you should get out there. People notice how sad you have become and nobody likes to see you sad. Come on."

Reluctantly she dragged herself out the door and plastered a smile to her face. People waved at her as she rounded the corner into the room where everyone was dancing. A few boys peered at her and she simply ignored them. Jordan swung her around and grabbed her hips, starting to shake them wildly in an attempt to get her dancing. She danced the rest of the song out before a slow song came on and she simply walked over to the couch and sat down. Sitting next to her was a boy and a girl. Both of them were sitting close to eachother, leaning forward before their lips met and she looked away.

Only a moment passed before she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw a boy she had talked to once before. He smiled a shy smile that pierced her soul in a weird way. "Will you dance with me?"he looked at the ground to avoid looking anywhere near her face. She nodded and noticing that he couldn't see, spoke a soft yes. He grasped her hand and pulled her into a tight embrace. They swayed slowly to the music. Smiling the whole time. A real smile.


I walked the front steps and reached the door. Music thumped on the inside of the house. I pushed through the door and went inside. It was all of a sudden that a slow song came on. Couples swayed in the middle of the room while the single girls sat away from everyone else. I walked the corridor of the room, waiting for the moment when the music will stop and the room will explode. I showed up an hour early.

I saw a head of black hair across from the place I stood. I inhaled sharply. I've seen that before.

I started across the floor when a boy put his hand on her shoulder. He looked shy and sweet with a slow smile that rested on the side of his mouth. He murmured some words I couldn't hear and then brought her into his arms. They danced slow and steady to the music gazing at each other with smiles on their faces. Rosemarie. I felt a small pang of sadness in my chest. She was here with him. With a boy. And I was dead and therefore not here. Not all the way.

I watched them dance and tried somewhat unsuccessfully to push my feelings aside. She looked beautiful and free. Wearing clothes that clung to her but in a non sexual way. As if she couldn't help but be attractive in the simple clothes she wore. Her hair was long and loose and vibrant. Nothing like it had been just two months before. I leaned against a wall. No longer wanting to watch, I focused on the couple on the couch. They were kissing and were obviously only using each other. Every time they went to take a breath, they looked over each others shoulders at the people they were hoping to make jealous.

It was working. The couple's gazed back at them with pain filled faces and barely concealed anger. The slow song ended and went to a song sung by lady haha. It was poppy and upbeat. I looked back to where Rosemarie was dancing with the boy. They were gazing at each other and then he slowly put his mouth to hers in a kiss.

My heart ached but I stayed put. This was just a girl. I wasn't allowed to feel this. I barely knew her. The music halted to a sudden stop and screams echoed in the room. They ripped apart and looked at the source of the scream.

The girl from the couch was being punched by the jealous girlfriend. I rushed over to Rosemarie, making myself known. She saw me and gasped. I grabbed her hand and tugged her out the door. She stuttered for something to say.I shushed her.

"Listen to me. No matter what you hear, do not go back in there. It is dangerous and there is going to be death."

She stared at me and slowly nodded her head. I went inside in time to see the gunshot that ended it.

The boy lay bloodied on the floor, surrounded by a screaming group of teenagers. A whole was in the back of his head that gushed blood. The girl was on the floor crying and screaming. Hitting his back with curled up fists. People ran from the house carrying cell phones containing the video of what started as a brawl and ended in death. I t crying girl and cradled the soul in my hands. I stood up and left the house.

Standing outside in a daze, was Rosemarie. I made myself seeable again and walked towards her. I said goodbye and left her there staring. Finally thinking this was the last goodbye.

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